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Love the setup for this, dating college professors is definitely a bit of a dream of mine, also a very nice and diverse cast, love abbadon, sathanas and Lucifer.

Hope I can wrestle and go to the sauna and showers with them in the future ;) hows progress going?

This is a really promising game, I like it so far, but I have 2 critiques.

First I think the minigame is a tad too long, especially for how simple it is. Cutting the lenght by like a third or even more could be nice.

And second, I feel like the characters lack diversity. They look very similar. I feel like it could be good to shake them up a bit, like maybe make the King (I guess I havent really seen him yet) a bit more chubby and old, the bandit could be a bit more on the lean side and the Blacksmith a bit more bulky. That would kinda be the stereotypes for those characters I guess. Your call.

But other than that I love it!