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aww thanks so much and welcome back!! glad you found your way here again haha!

aw thanks, and thanks for playing!

thank you and thanks for playing! 

thanks so much! :)

hehe congrats and thanks for playing!

awesome congrats!! thanks for playing :)

absolutely agreed!! they'll sweep you off your feet

thank you very much!! i'm glad you enjoyed :D

i took so long to reply cause i was duckin around!! (thanks for playing!)

thanks so much for playing :)

oops sorry late reply!! haha good job noticing!! i can't remember if anyone else brought it up, but i'm sure at least a few people saw it!

sorry for the late reply, but thank you!! dr. chung is as adorable as he is professional!

ahh thank you so much!!! very glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for playing!

thanks and thanks for playing :D

It does indeed!!

thanks so much! :D

Hi! The Dr. Chung Redux ending is reached by going down the same route to him twice! The 2nd time his interaction is different. Sorry for the delayed response!

thanks so much! glad you had fun :D

haha thank you!!

it's not so bad, i promise!

thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it c:

hehe thank you so much for playing!!

thanks so much, glad you think so! c:

Thanks for the info! If you use Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) then go to the Performance tab, you'll see "Memory" there, listing how much ram you have. But don't worry too much about it! It seems like a rare bug and we'll try to have a look at it, but it's a tricky one to pin down!

I understand the frustration! But there are audiences for all kinds of art, and I'm sure you'll find some people who appreciate the amount of work you put into what you do. I keep things simple here both out of necessity (file size budget, time/energy) and because I'm not an especially skilled artist in any technical sense. So I'm not the right person to ask for how to be a "better" artist, but I wish you luck on your journey c:

Thanks for letting us know! Would you mind letting me know what device you were using and if it's a PC/mac, how much ram you have? A couple people have encountered this issue and it's usually been because of low memory, having a lot of browsers tabs open, etc.

hello, thanks very much!!

haha thanks so much! we are making more!! they might be smaller than this game though, as "real life" has required more of our attention lately ;-; lol

thanks so much!! :D

aha!! good job again!! (and we're trying to add some quality-of-life things to the next game that'll make it easier to replay and find the endings you want c:)

haha wow, good job!! thanks for playing :D

thank you very much for the offer! we might look into doing translations in the future, but not just yet!

haha yaaa 🐰💙

aw!!! so cute haha

cool, thanks for the input!

haha understandable! thanks for the feedback!

thanks so much c:

makes sense to me! we do have some holdouts for a vertical orientation, which i understand, but if we can only pick one, we'll probably go with horizontal!

that would be nice! but yeah, time/energy budget kind of leads us to just picking one, so it'll probably horizontal as you said!

hmm, so far most of our mobile players have voted towards horizontal because of the landscape orientation. i can see where you're coming from though!

haha that's cool, i appreciate the input!!