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haha thanks so much! we are making more!! they might be smaller than this game though, as "real life" has required more of our attention lately ;-; lol

thanks so much!! :D

aha!! good job again!! (and we're trying to add some quality-of-life things to the next game that'll make it easier to replay and find the endings you want c:)

haha wow, good job!! thanks for playing :D

thank you very much for the offer! we might look into doing translations in the future, but not just yet!

haha yaaa 🐰💙

aw!!! so cute haha

cool, thanks for the input!

haha understandable! thanks for the feedback!

thanks so much c:

makes sense to me! we do have some holdouts for a vertical orientation, which i understand, but if we can only pick one, we'll probably go with horizontal!

that would be nice! but yeah, time/energy budget kind of leads us to just picking one, so it'll probably horizontal as you said!

hmm, so far most of our mobile players have voted towards horizontal because of the landscape orientation. i can see where you're coming from though!

haha that's cool, i appreciate the input!!

haha! thanks for sharing your opinion all the same! but yes, from here and all my social media channels, it seems horizontal has the advantage - but you weren't alone in preferring vertical!

i understand what you mean! and i think we agree with you on usability, especially for anyone who plays on mobile.

cool! thank you for replying!

cool, thanks for the feedback!!

haha thanks so much!! glad you enjoyed!

thank you so much!! c:

the art is really cute & fun!! and I managed to fend off the weevils, huzzah!!

aw thank you!!


no problem, enjoy!

thank you :D

thank you so much!! but no dying necessary!

haha nice!! if you like, you can use this checklist to see what endings you've gotten and what might be left to see: ending checklist

glad you're having fun with it! thanks so much for playing!


hello! if you'd like you can reach me on discord, derek#4122

haha thanks! i probably would too!!

thanks so much!! chree says hi!!

you too!!

Thank you so much!

haha i wish! he belongs to a fellow dev who generously provided the picture c:

thanks for playing! c:

aw thanks for playing and the nice video!! you have a cool mask!

Enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the unique art style! (I especially love the dog's design haha! and also your studio logo!) What a nice hike~

Thank youuu! See you next year!

Thank you so much haha!

Thank you! Legs are amazing!!