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Someone gave you an idea already but! There is a way, if you set the blinking as a gif, it will last as long as the gif does! So you can create a gif that has a specific length that you want and use that to decide how long you want the blink time to last :]

it was figured out how to get it to work! but official support might take a while, sorry

Not very possible at the time but we have hope! For now there's this guide!!

There's a new update that helps with that, you should check it out :DDD

check out the new help page :D should have something in there to assist you, also the website has a link to donate to the dev!! thank you for the support!!!

mic doesn't connect/mic does nothing
cannot import images: could be multiple things, here's a few possibilities 

cannot change hotkeys:

hope this helps!!

The character not appearing is an OBS issue you can read more about here: 
No clue if it being frozen is related to the same issue :/ that's something you'll have to check with them sadly. Wishing you good luck!!!

Very! But there's a few ways people have come up to solve that, if you're looking to get audio from say discord to have your friends be included as minis, you can use OBSninja to have multiple minis from different computers :] hopefully in the future we'll find more ways to improve this and allow for more audio and multi-stream features. Hope you'll continue supporting us until then <3

Thank you so so much for the feedback!! I assure you the big version will have pretty much all of that, but Luna might be able to consider a way to do something similar to the first suggestion on mini ;D until then thank you for the support and we hope you have fun!!! 👍 see if this helps!

it's not I promise <3 here you go

no prob!!! glad I could help :]

Luna no sabes como podria hacer eso funcionar en celular, es algo muy deseado pero fuera de alcance en el momento. Mantén sus dedos cruzados para llegarmos allí en el futuro <3

see if anything here can help you!

unrelated to your question at all I just want to say I love your model :] super duper cute

this is likely a mac bug :0 it's being worked on, for any other issues check out the troubleshooting page!

You need to extract the files from the zip :] here's how to open it

it's very simple the usage clause only includes the most EPIC and SEXY and SWAGGY of people, and there's many of us out there B)

That's an OBS issue sadly, sometimes it does that and since it's an OBS bug there isn't anything the creator can do about it :c
Unless they aren't working at all when you tab out of the program :0 in that case you might need to insteall vc_redist, here's a tutorial! 

That has been considered in general and will for sure be a feature for the full version, but the creator has been having a tough time understanding how to connect Discord to Veadotube :0 deer hasn't given up though!!

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Yes! Just set it up as a virtual camera using another software that lets you do that :D I recommend OBS personally

The description here details everything you need to know on how to use Veadotube Mini! If you want help for specific things, find an error or bug, the troubleshooting page is your friend! Feel free to join our Discord Server as well :] 

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I don't know a lot about linux but there are some guides here !! Hope it helps

one trick that works sometimes is restarting the app, check this out for more info!

try reading this! check out this!

GO DEERVELOPER GO!!! <3 <3 < 3

this game is sexy

acabei de canonizar que no universo da banda de gatos ficticios um deles morre e é substituido por um clone, valeu