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Thanks! But AI Dungeon beat me big time on this! =D (Thanks uncle Jobel to stream this gem btw!)

Really epic! It cracked me up!

Really nice! It would make a cool mobile game after some improvements!

Thanks! I tried to design a simple game despite the subject but, hey, I tried and if you like the concept, it's the thing that matters the most!

Everyting's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

It was the way we designed it! Glad it conveyed our wishes!

Nice game, could be a nice time killer for mobile!

Neat! \o/ Congrats!

Kinda retro (more than these "omg im so 8bit), the concept displays a good sense of game design, but the level design is really terrible for the late levels (it helps to strengthen the retro feel, though).

We were thinking about how efficient the game is on mobile! Thanks for the feedback!

Try to reach an host on the Discord channel, maybe they could help!

Thank you! Jenny and Rocket made an amazing job conveying my ideas on this game and they worked hard for it! I'm glad they didn't wasted their time doing so!


Nope, the idea has already been thought and the fusion mechanics makes the player loose points (indirectly) on purpose. The game was made easy on purpose so we had to think about being challenging nonetheless.

So, you made a game for 2 jams? Noice!

Would have been way funnier if you didn't spoil the plot twist. =/

Interesting concept, but lacks some feedback (for instance, a jauge to know how big your bubble will be when you hold the button).

Interesting concept, but lacks some feedback (for instance, a jauge to know how big your bubble will be when you hold the button).

I also have some body issues (not about my weight, I'm kinda slim for my height but still in a healthy shape) and, as a martial artist, I kinda relate about your comic. This kind of workout ( punching, kicking and growing muscles among other things*) is pretty good for one self-esteem and mental health! I'll definitely buy it in a couple of days!

*: Yeah, not really girly but eff it, it still makes our bodies amazing!

It actually were useful to me, as I overrated my skills. My work should be finished soon!

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Noice, so the choice seems obvious to me! Thanks for the answer!


I would like to know if it is allowed to do a brand new game about some existing non-RPG license (while developing a whole - underused - part universe out of it, so it's still worldbuilding)? I hesitate between two projects and your answer will help me to pick one!

You should make a Crowdforge team or asking the Discord community, it would be more efficient!

You told "strange game" on your video and "interesting idea" here. Just make up your mind and don't tell bullshit just for views on your video.

The IG tutorial would have been too long to make for the jam. But for an actual project, it would be a really good idea. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice but too short... I hope you'll do a full game after the jam!

It was natural to me since we already have this choice IRL and it's up to one to save or destroy the world. I didn't want to make a moralizing game but instead conveying the message that everybody is responsible to their actions. My team understood my ideas well and made a really good job here!

We, with my partner, decided that our project will not be ready yet so I'm retiring from the jam. We'll develop the project far further than a mere jam project.

BeGames GAME JAM community · Created a new topic Teaming up
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Hey !

Due to the lack of a Discord server (the link at their website expired) and the jam not being referenced at crowdforge, I thought it would be useful to have a teaming-up topic to help those who would like to participate but aren't really developers.

I, myself, have a game designer / project manager profile and am currently learning how to use Unity. I've some ideas for my project but don't know if I'll participate yet. I really want to, though. I usually make my GDDs at Trello since it's easier to use for small project. For bigger projects, I plan to use some actual specification from the validated features of my Trello board.

So, if you wanna team up, feel free to post here ! (if BeGames is OK with the whole idea).

Why the fuck is this game submitted to the LGBT Writing Jam?

Very fun! Looks like VVVVVVV which is a game I would like to play someday!

Very fun, and I kinda enjoy the graphics despite the pixel art feel... Good luck for the future of this good project!

I downloaded Godot some time ago, but sounded too complicated for the short time I had. I plan to use it someday though. Did you have a good experience using it?

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The feedbacks for my little project is good enough to me!

The best reward should be a team to carry it on more seriously since I have a lot of ideas I couldn't develop yet!


I'm about to write my story (actually, I'm developing an idea I have for month) and I'm wondering if I have to write the full summary from the beggining to the end (since the jam is kinda long) or just a long pitch to develop the lore, characters and main issues of the story.

Thanks for the answer!

Very fun! I'll give it a longer shot soon!