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Wow, thanks for making this.  I was feeling down today, but I discovered it and thought... Huh. I stopped on the ATM machine battle (cute/evil/hilarious enemy btw) because I keep dying. But I want to say, this is really unique.  Great use of music as gameplay with sweet sounds, cute characters & funny dialogue. 

Good luck to you all. I'll be following this project and coming back. I like it. It reminds me why Indie Games are cool. 

I'm glad my feedback gave you some push to continue making! :) I will look at updates/the final game for sure - again, good luck dude!

Hey, I just "played" this test build. Weirdly enjoyed it. The  thumbnail caught my attention while browsing through  I knew it reminded me of some famous painting, and there you said it in the description! Hope it's ok to give my thoughts? Solely because it would be neat to see this be more polished/be a full game in the future.  

Things I liked/surprised me: 1. There are sounds! Of the footsteps and music in the diner 2. When you interact with the characters, each of them had dialogue/text to let me know what they happened. For a sec, it gave me L.A. Noire vibes. 3. It's nice the characters had some animation. 4. You can tell there's an environment going on... 

I know this is a test, so I think my suggestions would probably be things that you are already aware of. Anyway, yeah, it'd be neat a to see a murder mystery game like this- Good luck!

Thank you all for this interesting, interactive game! Enjoyed the writing, art style, x-ray parts, & different choices we can say or do. It means players go through this multiple times. Lainey is a determined & tough gal. Also, the end made me want to know even more... 

For feedback, like others have said: the annoyance of having to exit & re-enter the x-ray every time. It kinda bothered me, but not too much. Other than that- this is a good game! 5 stars worthy. 

Keeping your team in mind, and now I definitely gotta check out your previous games.