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Wow, thanks for making this.  I was feeling down today, but I discovered it and thought... Huh. I stopped on the ATM machine battle (cute/evil/hilarious enemy btw) because I keep dying. But I want to say, this is really unique.  Great use of music as gameplay with sweet sounds, cute characters & funny dialogue. 

Good luck to you all. I'll be following this project and coming back. I like it. It reminds me why Indie Games are cool. 

Hey  game devs, I tried your game and died a lot. I'm bad at horror games, so it's not your fault. Usually I give feedback/suggestions as a way to (hopefully) help.  Since I didn't finish, I'll say the most interesting part is how players need to mouse wheel to close & open our character's eyes. The 3D style with the enemy's character design are good too!

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Hello, I gave your game a try! It's one of those games you'll feel proud after beating it. At least that's how I felt because.. I died A LOT. The deaths were edited out, but here's a full gameplay video, if that's okay with you:


SPOILERS/Feedback. Maybe play it yourself before reading this!

Good things: 

  • Tutorial in the beginning
  • Art style/ colors
  • Sound effects
  • The animations: Especially the holding on walls/ledges & ending scene
  • Character design
  • I played on my web browser, no glitches 
  • Lantern is a cool way to shield our character
  • Neat transition to the end level w/ the elevator 


  • I thought after the tutorial, I thought I'd  never finish this because I kept dying. Felt like that level was frustrating / almost impossible
  • Too many enemies at once 
  • Sometimes the lantern was unresponsive, would not hit/bounce back to the enemy, even with the "right angle" if that makes sense

Of course, that was my experience, so others' may be different. Overall it's good! This has potential to be bigger with more levels etc., if you ever do.  Alright, good luck & good job with this platformer. Thanks for the game!

Hey sir, do you think we'll see something like this again in the future? The end took me by surprise! If you've got some time to kill, then try CARROTS AND CREAM. 4/5

Hey, props to you guys. This was good especially for a 2-day only game jam.  Good luck, I hope to see more bigger projects from you all! I shared a gameplay video on Youtube with my feedback at the end, if anyone of them might be useful. 

*SPOILERS, please play it for yourself first & make your own judgements* 

Feedback: I think some might say this was easy, too simple/boring, and I can see that. For me it was challenging enough because anything horror-ish  trips me out. But maybe someday if there is ever an update, sequel, or spinoff to this - more levels, difficulty choices, guns, and enemies, story, and location will attract many more people to try this. Just my opinion/thought though! 

Here's the video shared to Youtube & Twitter. Direct links to this page are always included. I always want to ask if anyone involved in a game wants me to tag their Twitter accounts, etc. in addition to the game link. Alright cool, thanks again, and see ya later Dead Signal!


Good job to you all for making this awesome game! It's obvious why many people like it. If there's a sequel or something similar to this, then heck yeah - I'll be playing it for sure. Thanks for a good time. 

Shared this to Youtube and Twitter with the direct link to this page, if that's OK. Also tagged everyone that was involved to give credit! :)


Gave this a try! I was definitely confused at times & at the end, but the beauty of playing games is that we get to make our interpretations, right? 

*SPOILERS* and Feedback: Art style is definitely unique. Almost looks traditional/hand drawn. The use of red to make important objects/words stand out. It's nice to see that a game try to tell a story through actions only, and no words/text.  Confusing parts (for me): The purpose of the candle and and the end. Overall, it was okay! 

Shared this on Youtube & Twitter with direct links to this page. Hope that's okay. Let me know if it's not or if you'd like me to tag any of your twitter handles.  

I like it so far even though I'm still only in the beginning.  :)

I'm glad my feedback gave you some push to continue making! :) I will look at updates/the final game for sure - again, good luck dude!

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What a twist! Thanks for making this one. Made me chuckle a few times. 

Hey, I just "played" this test build. Weirdly enjoyed it. The  thumbnail caught my attention while browsing through  I knew it reminded me of some famous painting, and there you said it in the description! Hope it's ok to give my thoughts? Solely because it would be neat to see this be more polished/be a full game in the future.  

Things I liked/surprised me: 1. There are sounds! Of the footsteps and music in the diner 2. When you interact with the characters, each of them had dialogue/text to let me know what they happened. For a sec, it gave me L.A. Noire vibes. 3. It's nice the characters had some animation. 4. You can tell there's an environment going on... 

I know this is a test, so I think my suggestions would probably be things that you are already aware of. Anyway, yeah, it'd be neat a to see a murder mystery game like this- Good luck!

After a third try, I finally finished this.  

Didn't not expect that ending at all. What a nice treat. Thanks for making cute games.  TOAD SUSHI & ALIEN CASENO  are also on my list to try.  

Awesome! Thanks. 

Hello! Will this have a Mac version in the future? Seems like a creepy game.

Thank you all for this interesting, interactive game! Enjoyed the writing, art style, x-ray parts, & different choices we can say or do. It means players go through this multiple times. Lainey is a determined & tough gal. Also, the end made me want to know even more... 

For feedback, like others have said: the annoyance of having to exit & re-enter the x-ray every time. It kinda bothered me, but not too much. Other than that- this is a good game! 5 stars worthy. 

Keeping your team in mind, and now I definitely gotta check out your previous games. 

I've watched somebody's gameplay already, but I still wanted to try & experience it on my own. But nope... I can't do it. As silly & ridiculous my reaction was, it was the truth.  I'll play SEPTEMBER 1999 from beginning to end someday. 

Good job for making a something like this though. Definitely deserving of the attention  it's been getting.  I, along with many people, will be following to see what more you make in the future.