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Many thanks for playing my entry and for the feedback! Much appreciated =) I have taken notes and will do my best to learn from this experience.

Thanks for taking the time to play my  entry, and for the detailed feedback! I appreciate it. I have taken notes on these points and will do my best to improve on these issues =)

Thank you so much for your feedback! I have taken notes and will see to it that I learn properly from them! I am also super grateful that you took the time to see my entry through to the end, despite its balance problems. I appreciate it greatly! =)

Thanks so much for the kind feedback! It's unfortunate that the difficult battles has gated you from seeing the story through to the end (coincidentally also the part which I've invested the most love XD). I have taken this feedback to heart, and will definitely learn from my blunder and try to improve!

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Thanks Charlottezxz! I am glad that something I made was able to be enjoyable! Words cannot express my gratitude for your kind feedback XD I have taken notes on the battle balancing and the gimmick time allocations, and will do my best to learn from these!

Thanks for taking the time to play my entry! I appreciate it =) I've taken notes about the battle balancing, and will try to improve as I go along.

The "header" error I suspect is likely due to the encryption tool I'm using. I'm currently learning about compressing files manually into a single exe without the use of external tools, that way errors like these won't show up in future projects. I apologize for any frustrations caused.

Thanks for taking the time to play my game, and for the feedback. I am sorry you did not get much fun out of it. You have given me much to think about. I will take these feedback to heart and try to improve =)

Thanks Nowis-337. I appreciate the kind words, and feedback. Difficulty balance and QoL are definitely something I will spend more time working on. My bad on those boss designs, I was experimenting with difficulty and mechanics and I think the general consensus is that it's way too punishing -_-' XD

This is amazing. It is very easy to see the love put into this. The art although seemingly simplistic, is actually really detailed and well done, and the scene transitions are timed to perfection, with the music and the great writing bringing it all home. Keep up the good work! =)

Thank you so much for your kind words, and for streaming my game! You have given me much to work with and to learn from, and for that I am truly grateful =)

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The custom battlers were really cool, and I like how smooth the animations were (OldHar's katana draw in particular stood out)! The only minor issues I had were with the map (although it was really nice to look at, it also made it a bit easy to unintentionally hit dead ends), and the balance of the last boss (I felt like I only managed to beat it through luck, although this might be intentional since it is the last boss). Keep up the good work!

Edit/delete: Accidentally double posted the same comment.

Thanks for playing my game =)

That's a good attitude to have, and experimentation will help you to grow too. So it looks like a win-win no matter what XD Just a suggestion, you could try something like top-left and bottom-left types of reaction in this image of Magilou. And the bottom-right could also be a good way to mix up Harold's initial attitude when reaching a new smith.

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No worries =)

And the barrier remained shut after killing those four shades -_-'=p I'll try and give it another go, time permitting. So based on my description, you don't think I might have missed anything in between? Was there something to physically pick up? I have noticed that sometimes defeated enemies dropped red/green orbs, but even when I run over them, they just silently disappear. So I wasn't quite sure if they did anything.

Edit/delete: I accidentally replied to myself. I have a bad habit of reading warnings, clicking through anyways, then trying to undo them . Sorry. Hahaha! 

The general parts where Harold gets mad. The actual set up for those I found great. It was pretty funny to keep finding out how overloaded a hammer sign can be XD It was really just the way he reacted. I can't quite put my finger on why it didn't work for me, hence why I didn't elaborate much. It might just be a taste thing, you know? In which case you're good to go =) 

The meltdown before entering Paradise is great! It really gave a nice turn to the story's usual light-hearted tone. And I personally felt that it mimicked what it feels like to apologize in real life: how awkward it can be, and how simple things can become rather tedious as a result.

Hi, I've really enjoyed my time with this game. It's a bit on the longer side, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Here's somethings I've noted as I played through the game:

Good things:

  1. the writing details in the world and the NPCs are very well done - especially for the ROAM castle part where you are controlling the Stealsmith;
  2. the tone and mystery of the Oldhar part was executed brilliantly. It was completely different in tone to the main quest while still being interesting;
  3. you have nailed the feeling of progression in an epic. The good use of varied tracks, and environment gsve each place a distinct feel from one another;
  4. the overall story is well written, and the moral ofthe story is touching and relevant; and
  5. The debuffing is super satisfying, and the characters feel unique and synergize well with one another.

What didn't work for me was the humour parts where Harold gets mad for not being able to find a sword wasn't my cup of tea. Although to be fair I don't think it was badly written or anything, just not really something I find that funny. But every other comedic part was done well though! I think the best comedic part has to be the Stealsmith portion of the game.

Bugs and issues:

1. there's some sort of micro-stutter going on. Not sure if it's just me/my machine;

Overall this was a solid game to play through! Keep up the great work! XD

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Hi, just leaving my impressions and feedback on the game:

What I liked:

1. I like how having different party leaders lead to different unique abilities (only Harold can shadows, Marsha can jump etc.) and NPC reaction - this is used really well, especially once you've met Lucius;

2. Mapping is great. The town feels like one where people would live in *However, see the flip side of this in the negatives;

3. The story is done well - there is genuine tension and unease, especially the scenes where you see Reid slowly getting more and more possessed;

What I didn't find appealing:

1. The lack of BGM in town (and the menu) I find to be quite jarring. I suspect this a bug(?). The lack of bgm also seemed to have a knock-on effect, where all the SFX then seemed way too loud - the scene where Reid teleports post-magic school extermination comes to mind. Maybe you could try adding a subtle, low volume bgm instead of complete silence;

2. I got quite confused navigating the overall town. While the large map and details are nice, it wasn't quite clear which doors/items could be interacted with. You did have some indicators on what could be interacted with, but it was still a bit random. E.g. there's a monument in the square that has an interaction symbol, but seemingly did nothing. Similarly in the gym of the magic school, there are ropes which could be climbed, and black boulders/cannonballs that could be pushed but didn't seem to lead anywhere/do anything;

3. I think this game could benefit a lot from having more tutorials and/or explanations. It would save the player much guesswork and time if you explained right from the get-go that only objects marked with certain symbols can be interacted with/how they can be manipulated etc.;


1. the chest on the West side of the beach seems to be a one way jump. As far as I can tell, you need Lucius in your party, otherwise you won't be able to return to the otherside.

My progress:

I got stuck and gave up trying to get past the barrier. The game informed me that I needed 3 shade cores to pass, but it didn't quite let me know how to get said cores. I tried talking to all the NPCs and investigating, and only managed to find an additional two locations for shades (guard house, and shopkeeper's wife's house), but couldn't manage to find anything else after. There's also one shade which doesn't seem to do anything at the graveyard (tried coming back at night to no results). So in all I managed to find 4 shades (2 from the story @ Magic School & Lux Church, and the other two mentioned earlier). Which shade am I missing?

I hope these comments are useful to you. Keep up the good work! XD

Edit: after posting this, itch sent me to your devlog which pretty much tells me that you are already very aware of what I've pointed out in this thread XD Haha. Happy patching =)

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When I set out playing entries, I made a promise to myself that I will see EVERY last entry to the END, so I went back and patiently (but strategically) killed all the ghosts, so I could take my time with the hearts.

I'm happy to report that I made it all the way to the phallus map! May I ask, what does the 2nd/3rd map say? Harold OPRJI?

Well done. I had a good time giving the levels a competitive go. Those swords are really well designed: not too many spread across the map. If  you time it right, you won't need the other, but mess, up and start all the way at the beginning. Risk and reward done right!

Also made me recall the fond times I've had with gamemaker. Specifically the fact that you can hold Left/Right while pressing Up/Down to move dynamically, but not the other way round! XD

Keep up the good work!

Edited: for commas, and punctuation.

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First thing I noticed: them SICK BEATS! Yeah, yeah! I'll be back to rate once I finish playing. Stopped what I was doing just to say this XD

Edit: I just finished the game. #$% damn! You are an AMAZING writer! The story was executed beautifully, and the music and the tone matched perfectly. I really liked the sprites - they were simple, yet it was very easy to see the love put into every one of them. I especially enjoyed the fact that you see the transformation EVERY time (and the fact you can transform anytime/anywhere). It's a well done sequence that shows your love for the magical girl genre.

This was a very fun and intense 35 minutes. It felt like hours (in a good and entertaining way). 

The only (minor) issues I had was: 

1. the combat UI was a bit confusing since Therese is physically at the top of the party, while her name is below in the UI; and

2.  The spells that you purchase looked like it was consumables so I only used them in battle - only to find out that they're learnable skills(?). I might be wrong on this one, if so, I apologize in advance.

All in all, an amazing experience. Keep up the great work! XD

Amazing work! The music, the graphics, the combat, it all meshed together well and gave off the feel of a classic CRPG. The writing was great too, I was never bored once =D Keep up the great work!

I really like the atmosphere in the beginning! It was genuinely tense for a clean map! The ending was definitely a surprise too! XD

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Hi, I'm not quite sure what to do after trying to fight the red dragon. I keep wiping. Is there something I'm missing? =p

Edit: NVM, found it XD Nice one!

Edit2: Verdict - holy $%#^ this was REALLY well done. Damn! I really liked that XD Great job Nowis-337. Keep up the great work!

I'm not that good at pacman, but I can tell this is rad! The beats are no slouch either XD

The music in this is amazing! Also liked the custom victory punch.

Hi all. Hope you are doing well.

I recently made a new game as part of a game jam, and it came out quite good. I'm hoping to get more people to play it, so I'm taking this time to share a brand new launch trailer with everyone! Harold MV is a JRPG featuring the well-known RPGMaker hero Harold. Join him in his quest to escape a trap of his own doing, and hopefully overcome his anxiety, fears, and doubts in the process. 

Gameplay features:

  • narrative mini-epic spanning 7 chapters (inclusive of prologue and epilogue) told over the course of a little over an hour.
  • Carefully crafted cutscenes with maximum impact
  • Featuring a mix of amazing tracks from the brilliant Northsound Inc.ayato sound create, and YouFulca - you know it'll be immersive!
  • Simple, yet powerful combat system centred around "SealReveal, and Healcombo-based skills. 

You can download download it from here.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely day.

Thanks Human. That clears it up really well!



Hi Human,

I hope you are well.

May I please get some clarification about the rating process of entries? 

According to the guidelines, we're supposed to rate each of the entries based on the rating queue system, but may I please ask how this is different from the normal rating system that comes with a game's/entry's page? Does this mean we need to refrain from telling people outside of the competition about the game(s) that we enter into Harold Jam 2022 (in fear of them affecting the rating)?  Or is the rating queue a unique and separate thing that is independent from the normal rating (which also means that I can tell my friends/do the normal release posts etc.)?




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Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well.  I'm a first time solo developer that's trying to get started in the world of game development using RPGMaker MV. I've actually been working with this engine for quite a while now, but I've always been too scared -_-'  to release anything. Until now that is!

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you all about the first full, albeit short, game that I've just released a few hours ago: 

"At the World's End"

Essentially, it is a traditional JRPG using a break shield battle system (from a fan adaptation of the Octopath Traveller battle system). However unlike traditional JRPGs, there's no active plot at all, and instead the player is simply put into a series of small bite size maps with  nothing but a checklist containing broad strokes of things to do (e.g. defeat xyz, solve abc, etc.). By inspecting the items and objects in the world, the player will (hopefully) make sense of these objectives, and ticking them all off will lead to the end of the game. It's aimed to be a short (~1 hour), but hopefully enjoyable experience.

Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough now. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you give my game a try. Here's a couple more unique screen shots that you won't find in the game page:


Do you like puns?

The vision cones are just a guide, and not meant to be precise.


I sure hope so, because they're all like these..

Thanks. I hope you have a lovely day, regardless if you decide to play or not =) 

EDIT: Oh, and please do let me know what you think of it, should you decide to try it. I'd appreciate any feedback and would like to learn how I can be better at what I do! Cheers.

As detailed in the guide, if any of you are interested in speed running this game, you can post your times here. 

My times were: 55 minutes checking off ALL objectives, and 38 minutes when I just blitzed through the game (ignoring some major objectives).

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Hi, I'm making this board so that people can report any bugs they encountered on here. I'm still learning, and am far from being an expert, but I will try my best to solve any bugs which may reveal itself.


23/05/2022 - Uploaded game!

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Thanks. And congratulations to you too! The mods made a great choice with your entry's screenshot of the age montage! It was such a good scene =)

What an exciting event. I am super excited and am looking forward to everyone's future projects now XD

Thank you =D

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Thanks =D I wish you success too! 

Wow, that's really creative and smart! I had thought of something like that before, but I assumed I'd just have to draw all the transition frames manually. What you just described blew my mind! XD 

Thank you =D 

And I see what you did with that edit (touches nose twice). You'll only find cutscenes here friends. I don't know nothing about no trailer XD

Thank you for the kind words =D

Damn. Those action sequences and animations are super SMOOTH! Also poor Therese, no one wants to be the odd one out XD 

Oooh. Cool. Now that you explained it, I can see how you went about making the memory scene. Still though, you made it look easy, and so seamless that it seemed like magic! Great stuff XD

That would be awesome, and I'd appreciate that =)