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@NuSan, I need to talk to you, where can I contact you? I want to ask you some questions about FoE and maybe share some ideas.

Me too

Who made the graphics?

Who made the graphics?

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Love it! What engine or IDE did you use to make it? Wha language is it programmed in?

You'r games are awesome.

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Dude how did you do this? I am not a big fan of puzzle games but god I like this one!

Did you just use a lot of effort to make this or a real smart idea? I prefer to think it's the second one. Anyways, what a mind bender, I love it!


*A W E S O M E* .  Loved it, I will show this to my cousin right now, we like using our minds. I generally don't like puzzle games cause they are boring. This was absolutely not the case. It is strange but once you finish the first laser you start to understand how it works. After finishing it it feels so natural. My favourite one; The tower. It was actually extremely easy if you are observative (just have to go through the doors that don't have your reflection) but it was very clever so I enjoyed it a LOT.

Cool, thank you!

This is actually useful to know what things I can use to generate a seed. I was thinking of using the user's name, the date (up to the seconds) and an algorythm to generate it, but here are some better ideas.

Thank you.

Beware the Vashta Nerada

What are the controls? Enter is accept, esc is back, wasd or the arrowkeys are to move, but how do you attack?

So hard, I didn't find any boobs lol

Yeah, cool, it's fun but where's the non euclidean part? I mean I get it, teleportation, but I was excepecting gravity changes and imposible shapes made posible like in Escher's art.

Hello there!

Here's a suggestion.

Create a new gamemode which combines the waves mode with the sandbox mode.

It would make you try and find the resources to build everything but you could choose when the waves come.

Or just add a world generation menu to make players able to change settings of the world so that we could make waves spawn less often

This suggestion is because your game is great, and I like it A LOT!! But it is also hard (which is great), so new players can play a "Normal" game but easier. It would be something like a training mode.

Anyways hope you read this, keep up the great work, you got a fan here!

Is this game for android? Cause it doesn't work in my pc

Nice game, could be very fun and has potential but I don't like the "No energy=very slow move and no fly", I always get stuck inside caves with no energy like 5-10 minutes of gameplay. And believe me, I like roguelikes and games with permadeath adn difficulty but this is not that, you don't die, you just get stuck inside a cave, and can move and go deeper and deeper but can't return home and also this game is sooo bad balanced. Example: I find 5 coal and bring it to my base and get 100 energy, cool, isn't it? Well, no, because I used 5000 energy just to get the coal. That makes absolutely no sense. And to add to all that, found bugs:

1.- At the begining I thought it was a bug but I now think it is part of the game, when you have no energy you cant almost move and cannot fly so you can not go down to the caves cause you would get stuck forever and starve to death or smthng

2.- First time I realised I need coal to get energy I found some, I drill it and nothing appeared in my inventory (three slots available), then I upgraded the drill and won't work, coal not mineable. So I restarted the game and lost my progress


Just change the balance of the game, I have some ideas, one, you could make the energy not to be lost every second even if you are not moving, you could make the movement havea energy cost (and also that energy cos not to be 50 per second cause that would make the game unplayable as I said before, 5 coal found using 5000 energy) or you could transform energy just into another crafting material, you just spend it in things, also you could make the drill robot itself have a "Battery" part you could recharge in the Battery building and then go down, also when you respawn, you do it with full drill robot battery, you would just have to be careful of not losing all your energy but you must not be afraid of losing all your energy

 Whatever you do, try to expand gameplay time to more than 10 minutes, I like to spend hours playing games, even if it is a minigame or those "Build things an wait 4 days for it to be built" 

My oppinion:

A game that could be very addictive and fun if it wasn't for the annoying bugs and balance. Like I would REALLY love to have more than one base and have the last tier buildings and so but I can't if I use 5000 energy to get only 100