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demonyes chaos theory

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so what game engine did you guys use for this game .

because it locks a lot like a mix between point end click end a visual novel 

aw you sun of a i did haw a simulacra idea it haw  some of  the concept 

but lets just say the game play is way different end i gout my own TIFU story that happen in 2016 the story is a bit similar but the game play is way different

fuck it i will still give you credit if some ask  

again simulacra in concept WAY DIFFERENT IN execution 

ugh dont be i gussies i need to try to come up whit something new again 

aw you basted i did haw a simulacra game idea well lets my think out side the box again 


dude nice game  

it is one hell or ride to go back home 

no rely nice game 

no problem i am only giving my opinion after all end thanks for you feedback to 

ok locks interesting lets hope the story holds up  

can i seal my games end outer stuff whit out patrion just asking nothing ageist patrion i am just asking if i can haw option b end just connect it to my cart 

nice game balls crusing challege love it 

aw you basterd dont spoiled the beast crsitmas spacal