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Feels like a great prototype, definitely can see that this would work well with some narrative behind it, concept of new aiming angles being picked up is great fun. I do love the minimal feel of the graphics too, all angles and then the circular of the player and AI's.

Great little piece to pick up and blast, feels like it's possibly wanting some fluff?

There's something cheeky about this. It evokes memories of 90's Kids TV gameshows, where you'd call in and yell at the presenter whilst they frantically push in the direction you're yelling.

Not a bad little game, I'd certainly see myself wasting time playing it whilst letting my mind wander. Does the job!

A nice simple, pickup and play experience. I did get a JSpop error when the claw drop down into the hole on the left to unload the loot. All it needs now is a knockoff Pokemon cuddly toy that you've got no chance in hell of catching, and it's just like real life :)

Great fun all in all, can see it porting as a decent 'on the bog' mobile experience

Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed it. I've taken your feedback onboard and have significantly reduced the volume of the text bloops, 0.1.19 is now available with a more ear friendly experience <3