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The music is nice, and playing along with it as a mechanic is inherently enjoyable.  The platforming itself however is stiff, oversensitive, whatever the word is for velocity.x = input.x.  Some acceleration would go a long way to making this more fun to play.  Music's nice, I don't know if James made it for this game specifically, I don't know who that is, but I will at least complement you on the choice of music.

The art is what it is, looks good for what it is, although it's cheating add red into 1-bit art, you heathen.

Not sure how I feel about the combination of the roguelike movement with the timer counting down, it muddles strategy and action in a way that doesn't work great here.

3/5 wish I could change my Minecraft Skin.

Simpler, 4-directional flappy bird, Feels more like a 1-hour jam game than a weekly jam game.  It entertained me for a moment, feels good to play, I like that the bars aren't kill-on-touch.  Music's fitting.  Could make a few bucks on the app store if you add microtransactions to get extra lives or something.

0/5 for presence of memes.

I don't get the joke.  I think you maybe tried too hard.

I try to avoid writing reviews that take longer to read than it does to play the game.  Given that death is literally just a suggestion, I have to be quick here.  the core mechanic is used interestingly enough, the music is inoffensive, the graphics are okay.

2/5 too sh

The pixel art ain't great.  Pieces of it are nice, i.e. the player, but beyond that all I can call it is functional.  More functional than the tutorial.  Took me a minute to figure out what the floating garbage in the sky meant, and by then I had guessed all the controls anyway.  As well, it felt like I had to have already figured things out before I was told how to do them, unless I was expected to perform several frame-perfect jumps in a row in the brokenly high-sensitivity platforming.  

Beyond that, the idea is decent, but the level design doesn't do much with it.  It feels like the only use for the breaking/building mechanic is to subvert the given level, rather than to actually solve problems within it.

Pretty fun, no complaints, other than it running like ass but that's probably my fault.

Animations and sounds felt really nice.

I couldn't tell whether the levels were procedurally generated, but it seemed like not due to one particularly designed looking one that I got.  Either way it would've been more interesting to have consistent level layouts.

5/5, fell down some stairs

Art: Decent, it's jam art, whatever

Stephen Hawking is a bit of an asshole, would have been nice to get a few more lines of dialogue, I was kinda sad that they started repeating.

The kaizo-ness of it was neat, even though it's not my thing.  I became instantly more interested when spikes popped up out of non-spike floor.

Last thing I've got to say is deet-doot-deet-doot is not a great sound to start every run with, and the obnoxiousness of that specific part of the music, even ignoring how poor the rest of it was, completely negates what little endearment the shit-talking-hawking provided.

Overall, 4/5, needs polish.

The interaction of the forces is potentially interesting, but, in reality, they create a single stable point that you just get pulled to, which is not very interesting.  Nice direction to to try I guess, just didn't work.

On another note, the graphics are awful.  Every single asset is bad on its own, and together they just hurt my eyes.

The difficulty is very poorly balanced, it feels like things just fly into you and there's not much to be done about whether they hit you or not.  Maybe it's easier once you get used to the noise on the screen, but I really don't care to subject myself to that

2/5, could be worse.

Decent idea, well executed, it's something I've seen a million and a half times but that's because it's fun.  The animation was nice, the water looked decent, would've been nice if either the end and player had actual models, or if everything else was as low-effort as those bits.  Would make a good mobile game, Android/5

It was interesting to balance watching out for mines and engaging in gunplay simultaneously.  You were very correct when you described the mine pinging as irritating.  Art was mediocre, lots of clashing colors, the pixel art wasn't very good at respecting pixel boundaries.  Would have been nice to have some sort of direction from the start, and it would have been nice to know when I won.  Overall, decent idea, jam-tier execution, 3/5.

'Fraid not my friend, Wanderlith is a jam game, I didn't and don't have time to make compatible all of the little pieces of it that aren't Mac compatible.

Not much to it, but what's there is solid.  Used hax to make a pixelated version of me salty af, waitin' on my 50% royalties for use of my golden image.

Here's another video showing what the starting town looks like right now.

I'm going to see what I can get done of a short little introductory story, but ultimately I'm not going to have anything impressive or fun done by tomorrow evening :/

I'm somewhat disappointed in the work I got done during the jam, but ultimately I went into it knowing how little time I was going to have. I'm going to keep working on this over the next two weeks and see if I can have something I'm proud of by then.

Here's a video that shows off pretty much everything I've got so far, and there are also lots of other things on that blog showing how i got here. I'm probably going to have to cut the scope back from what I was originally hoping to get done, so the game will probably be primarily in-world puzzles to access ancient artifacts.

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Random Game Seed: 58230179540

Random Game Idea: An unconventional game where you handle the most interesting wand, no matter what anyone thinks.

Qualifications: "Unconventional" is barely a genre, and isn't particularly fun to try to pull off during a game jam, so I'm leaving it out.

Title: A Strange Kind of Wizard

Idea: I barely have an idea for gameplay yet, but the story will definitely revolve around being a naive little dude with a wand and wizard hat, going around interacting with, and trying to prove himself to, wizards who take themselves and their wands much more seriously.

You can absolutely make a tabletop game!

I'm curious how you're going to show it off, but in any case you're absolutely welcome here.

What games have you made?

What engines or libraries do you use?

What experience do you have?

What are you hoping to learn?

Everything I've got so far is scribbled down on graph paper, but I'm definitely getting somewhere. Basically my thought is spreading life through a small stellar system, strategically using certain plants to fix certain nutrients and terraform planets one by one until the whole system is pretty and hospitable for all your space bee friends. This obviously makes a lot of sense.

I like the sunflower QWOP idea, but I agree that it's maybe not the right direction, if only because there doesn't seen to be much further you can go with it.


Neat coincidence you're doing this in preparation for Ludum Dare, I actually started doing this a year ago with the intent of practicing for Ludum Dare!

We don't have an IRC or anything, mostly because "we" is basically just me and and a few unfocused friends so far. This fortnight there are a lot more people who've joined the jam, so I expect the community will grow as the fortnights drag on. Until it's large enough to warrant a proper IRC channel though, this forum is the best place to come to. Personally I check #casual14 on twitter and tumblr from time to time.

Net Security is a neat field I hear, and starting programming young is the best way to learn, so good luck!

Is this your first game, or have you made anything before?

What jams have you participated in?

What tools will you be using?

Tell us about yourself!

Also for suggesting themes, cuz there's gonna be one, but I don't know it as of writing this.