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Taakodev (Nautical Bitchass)

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Mind if I give you a shout out on my IG?

This was really well made. 

I love the art. It looks like an old video game and that's so cool! Good luck on working on the full game!

I love the aesthetic. The music is great!

Hey. So I played a little bit of it and here are some tips. You can find music and sound effects on the internet if you don't want to make your own. If you are thinking about doing original art, that will make your game go from good to great. It might be a lot of work but trust me, you learn so so much. I can tell you how to upload your own art if you want me too.  Also, you should make more things interactive. Maybe tell the player what they're supposed to do with dialogue also?

I adore this game. It's so fun and full of love! Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone Echo!

Writing the dialog for the Tres Horny Boys was the best. 

Tell me your favorite part!

What did you think about my game! Constructive criticism is accepted!