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At first I was not sure about how to play, but by looking at the enviroment I slowly began to understand what to do. It was quite fun to discover how things work, and then finally understand that the Ziggies must be killed... it was dark and kinda funny at the same time.

 The game seems to be nicely balanced now, and looking great, obviously. Great entry!

  Wow, nice video! Thanks a lot for making it, and giving the game a review as well. It means a lot to us, thanks again!

 I really liked the video to say the truth, in particular the courtroom scene hahaha it was quite funny to see you play the game too, and all your feedback is very well placed. We are planning to realease an update quite soon, if everything goes well. Thanks again for the review!!!

 Quite an interesting take on the theme, to say the least haha

 Just a minor comment: I would suggest adding some options to make the graphics a bit lighter. My computer isn't the best, and playing this game in a higher frame rate would be nice :)

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 Great game Darenn and Joan! It's well polished, and the sounds/music fit nicely. The top 10 screen being part of the game is a nice touch too! Tons of potential for a mobile game.

 Congratulations on winning the jam as well!

 Edit: Added Joan's name to my comment :)

Great game! I saw some other games with a similar take on the theme, but I think yours was one of the most well executed. I really liked the mechanics (I even finished the game, both dungeons), and the puzzles get harder at a nice rate too. No wonder you did so well on the jam!

 I would say that there's even potential for a bigger game, in my opinion. More stages, maybe a bit more polished graphics, and even a story, who knows? Again, great entry.

 The pacing is very well done, and I found no bugs too. Looking foward to what else you'll do in the future!

Door XP community · Created a new topic Just some feedback!
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 I really liked this game! Really well made, polished, and the idea is great and well executed too. I mean it! The way the levels are constructed makes the game a lot easier to understand as well. The way the game blends in the page is quite nice too! I also really liked how the game doesn't mention "clear" as a command, but it works fine when clearing the text.

 If you don't mind me giving some more feedback, I think allowing the player to press the up arrow key to retype the last command and the tab key to autocomplete a command (just as in Window's cmd and in Linux terminals) would be amazing (it would help a lot at some levels, such as 7_hex, since for some people typing fast is kinda hard).

 I would also suggest using the AudioStreamPlayer node instead of the AudioStreamPlayer2D node for the typing sounds. For headphone users, the latter one makes the typing sounds come from the left earbud mostly.  I would suggest making the screen distortion a bit weaker. It's fine as it is now, but making it a bit subtler would be nice in my opinion. 

 I'm don't think my opinion on this really means anything, but I think this game even has potential to have a bigger release. I'm not sure about this though, I don't have as much experience as you hahaha

Edit: Fixed a capital letter after a comma.

Quite an interesting idea, and a well made game considering you used Pico-8 :) I found interesting how now you can get invulnerable but glitch everything around the character permanently, it is a very curious trade off, like using the limited but higher jump. 

 Really liked the animation on the sea at the bottom too, it really seems more intimidating now.

 I would suggest changing the game's thumbnail, since it makes the game look kinda sloppy in my opinion. A gif where some frames are glitched would be an interesting thumbnail! Also, I felt that the character was a bit too heavy, making the platforming kinda hard. Maybe that was intended though.

After studying digital electronics for a while, I thought this wasn't going to be a fun game, but it indeed was hahaha really liked it, and there's lot of potential as well! I particularly liked the computer too, it added a layer of personality to the game! It just speaks too slow in my opinion. Interested to see if you are going to work some more on this game :)

Quite fun, original, and nicely presented! Not sure what to point out that would make this game better haha maybe that being the badboy is more fun than being a goodboy, but like you said, balance is the key. It goes nice with the narrative you proposed!

 Nice idea! I think I didn't saw any other games with this take on the idea. Like some other comments said, some more polish would make this game feel a lot nicer!  Really cool to see that you still are working on it.

Also, by playing and looking at the source code, I think you should normalize the  player's direction vector: this way, while moving diagonally the player won't move faster than going only on a horizontal or vertical direction. Or maybe that's intended!

In US-EN: This is a really good idea! I would be quite happy if I had it first hahaha the game ends up being a puzzle and an action game at the same time, it's quite interesting. I think there's lot of potential in it, you really should consider polishing this game more in my opinion :)

 Em PT-BR (já que acho que você fala português): Essa ideia é bastante boa! Eu ficaria contente pacas se tivesse pensado nela primeiro kkkk o jogo fica sendo meio que de puzzle e ação ao mesmo tempo, bastante interessante. Eu acho que tem bastante potencial nessa ideia, e você poderia pensar em polir esse jogo mais, na minha opinião :)

Very interesting, when I read the description I thought it was to be something like Toodee and Topdee, but controlling the top down character with the platforming one is quite clever :)

I liked the minimalist approach too. I would suggest to add some particles or some squish tweening when jumping: it would maintain the minimalism but also increase the game's polish a little in my opinion. Also, the saw was a bit too slow maybe, but that might be just for me. Cool idea and entry!

That' a really nice sprite! I wonder if the game will be updated in the future?

I liked the idea, the sprites, and also the engine used :) nice use of screen shake too.

 There seems to be lots of room to improve as well! I think that some more sound effects and music would make the game feel a lot better. Also, having only the death scream kinda scared me when I first died hahaha

I really liked the take on the theme! The graphics are pretty interesting as well, being made in just 2 days. I thought jumping in the air was a bit odd, but then I noticed that the stamina gets lower every time. Some music in addition to the heartbeat would be nice in my opinion: you could make it get heavier (or slower/faster) when the player had a heartrate that was too low or too high :)

Nice game, it looks quite nice and the bullets duplicating after hitting a wall is a quite interesting mechanic! It also remembered me a lot of a game I worked on a looooong time ago: both of them have the slowmo thing and are topdown, so it was quite nice to see something similar :)

Hope you won't mind some feedback: I would suggest to not have the music reset when the player tries again. It might seem like a small thing, but it gets a bit annoying after some time to keep hearing the beginning of the music. Also, likes CerosWare said, the teleporting is bit disorienting, and a timer or some other indicator would be nice!

Really liked this entry, the take on the theme is very good and well executed! The music is great as well. It should have more rates in my opinion.

Really gorgeous art, and nice idea! My feedback is about the same as what ErikTheBerik said.

 In addition,  I think you used the AudioStreamPlayer2D node for the music and SFX, but in my opinion the AudioStreamPlayer would be better. For headphone users, the 2D node makes sound come only from the left side speaker, which is a bit annoying :)

 Nice entry! I really liked the level design, the new mechanics are introduced in a nice pace and the ways they are applied are pretty interesting in each stage. I believe I finished the game, since in the last stage the character is stuck on the being pulled animation, and on the last stage there is a glitch like that (like it says on your game page). The art is very nice as well!

 I have suggestions as well, hope you don't mind :)

  • Some sound effects and music would make this game feel a lot better. For instance, the right SFX would make the knight feel a lot heavier, increasing the "game feel";
  • This is just my opinion, but the game seems to be kinda slow. I don't mean that it has low framerate, but the character falls really slowly, and feels kinda floaty. I think it might be the gravity that is too low, but that's a guess;
  • A trajectory indicator would help a lot on the later stages;
  • A tutorial would be great! And it doesn't need to be a complex one. Just saying that the player can use the mouse to pull the blocks would be enough. In the beginning I tried moving with the keyboard, and got kinda stuck for a while, not knowing how to play. When I discovered how to play properly, I really liked the game :)

The game worked fine for me, and I use Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit.

 Really liked the music, it's very soothing for a track made in 42h! Also, when I finished the game, I clicked the pink (?) button and the game exited after a while. Not sure if this is intended, but I found it a bit abrupt. Still, it's a very interesting concept, like TerraSkill said. I liked that you used Godot as well :)

Thanks, great to see that you liked it :) we still are having some ideas and suggestions on how to make this game better, so if you think about anything like that, you are very welcome to share it with us. Thanks again for playing!

Wow! When we had the idea for this game, one of the inspirations was actually Crypt of the Necrodancer! Even if in the end the game doesn't look like it very much, while thinking about it the grid based movement was going to be heavily based on CotN in my mind, including the tempo based gameplay (I had no idea how to consistently program it though ).  We wanted to have the player keep moving, but doing so while thinking about all the hazards. We might even add something like that in the future, but I'm not sure how to make it make sense for now hahaha

 Multipliers would be a awesome addition! Really liked this suggestion, and the one about showing the points is great too! And the one about enemies! We didn't end with a perfect game, but it's great to see that we can improve so much. I wonder how the game will look at the end!

 Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's really appreciated, and big thanks as well for giving our game a try!

Great, glad you liked it! 

 This weekend was kinda hectic for us, so we tried to go with a more minimalist approach, but still ended up with some rough edges, like the difficulty... we might fix these things in the future! Thanks for the feedback, and for playing as well!

Hey, happy that you liked it!

 We tried to make the game kinda of puzzle-ish, in the sense that the player should lure the enemies and do the most with the spells they get, all without getting damaged, just like you noticed. Thanks for commenting and playing!!

I used Linux for quite some time, and didn't know about the Robots game. Just looked about it here, and I can see the similarities hahaha

 Also, I didn't thought about putting the spells indicators on the player, but thinking about it now, it would have been a nice touch. Thanks for suggesting it! So far we are getting some great feedback and suggestions, so it's very likely we will update this game in the future. I just have to get the courage to face my spaghetti code again hahaha

 Thanks a lot for playing, and for the feedback as well!

Thanks for playing Bakerp, happy to see that you liked it! It's really great to see positive feedback, and even better to see people saying your game is fun, you know?

 We are still having ideas about this game, so an update is quite probable. Really liked your ideas as well. The spell that spreads over multiple turns actually almost made it in, it was going to be a wavy kind of spell, or something like that. The arc one is very interesting, I did not think about it! I will definitely consider adding both in the future.

 Once again, thanks for playing and for the feedback, it really helps us grow as game developers :)

That's actually not intended hahaha but now I kinda want to add a secret or something related to this!

 Thanks for playing, glad you liked too!

Gracias! Mi español no es el mejor, pero me gustaría de decir a usted que nosotros aún estamos trabajando para mejorar este juego. Gracias por el vídeo y por jugar!

Thanks Liliane, happy to see that you enjoyed our take on the theme :)


Thanks, great to see that you liked it! Thanks for playing ,as well!

Wow, thanks for playing and for giving feedback! This game isn't our best in my opinion, but it's great to see you liked it, and even noticed small details such as the distance and the time being about the same :)

 We might repolish this game one day, or even remake it. Anyway, thanks for commenting once again!

Hey Pigdev, thanks for the feedback! We were in a big hurry while developing (game scope issues, as always hahaha), so it's very helpful to get some more feedback on what we could do better. We still are thinking about releasing some updates for this game in the future, so thanks again for commenting.

 Espero que tenha um bom dia aí :)

Woah Elia, your game is really well made! The take on the theme and the execution are great! Some music would be welcome, but the SFX by itself was quite nice too (I liked the way you guys made the laughter in particular).

Thanks, happy to know you liked it! It's nice to see that some not-so-big changes can alter a game a lot.

Thanks for the feedback Elia, glad you liked it!

 While developing I kept thinking of it as snow, however, I believe there can't be a snake on a snowy ambient hahaha sand is a lot more fitting!

 Hey Adrielf, nice rendition of the Chrome minigame haha This game being colored is a nice addition.

Also, I believe I found a bug! I was playing and ended up losing by hitting a cactus at its top... instead of the game showing me the game over screen, I got stuck at this one:

 Thanks Shleef, glad you found it fun! And yes, you thought it right about how we tackled the theme, and I kinda agree with you: some other games had interpreted the theme in ways a lot more interesting, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for playing and commenting!

Thanks Peter, glad you liked it! We'll consider investing more time on it, and maybe make it less "janky" hahaha

Thanks Luis, happy to see you liked it! We'll consider polishing it more, after all, while we aren't getting a lot of attention, overall the feedback we got is pretty positive. Thanks again for playing, and good job on your game as well!