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 Thanks a lot! We're really glad that you enjoyed reading it, and liked the mechanic :)

 Thanks a lot! We really appreciate seeing gameplays of the game :)

 Thanks a lot! We really feel flattered with such a comparision, since we love Celeste as well!

You are welcome!

 I believe that's an issue with your web browser... you can check if it supports WebGL2 here:

If it doesn't, you can activate it with these instructions: 

 Also, I believe the HTML5 version only works in Firefox Quantum: pease consider downloading one of the standalone versions in case it does not work!

 Thanks a lot for your gameplay, we were really happy to see a video of our game :)

Sorry about the bugs you found as well, I should start on fixing them soon. Thanks again for playing!

 Thanks for replying! I've managed to reproduce the bug, and already am trying to fix it hahaha

 Thanks a lot for commenting, really glad you liked it too!

 The source code is very messy, but I sincerely hope you can learn a thing or two from it. An additional tip is to always try to make things simple while coding: Godot makes it really easy to do stuff that is complex on other engines, and while this is a great help, sometimes we as developers can end up spending a lot of resources on something that could be made simpler. I'm not a master at this by the way, but I thought this tip might help you :)

 Thanks for the video with the bug as well! Could you tell me which version of the game you were using? I could swear I fixed this bug on version 1.0.1 (the version at Github is the jam version, where the bug is still present... once the game is finished, I should release it's source again, with a more organized code as well!).

 Thanks a lot for your feedback! We really appreciate it, specially about the Level Design being on point!

 I'll try to make things get more difficult and interesting on future later stages. Also, thanks for pointing about the lights being too dim, I'll try to find a way to make that stage more interesting. Again, thanks for your feedback!

 Thanks a lot! Really glad to read that you found it so awesome!

Thanks! Glad you found some levels challenging, since some people actually found the game too easy (in my opinion, however, the game is harder than easier hahaha)

Thanks for the feedback Cassowary! Really appreciate seeing that you liked the little details, such as the particles when diving. About the bug, thanks as well for pointing it out! Very soon I'll upload a version where it should be fixed.

 No problem, but I guess the only way for you to play is by using another computer, or by habilitating Linux apps on your Chromebook, and then using the Linux file... Clicking here is a guide to help you in that, in case you are interested.

If I'm not mistaken, the web version only works on Firefox Quantum. Could you please try one of the downloadable files?

 You should me able to change your dive direction with the arrow keys: so, to dive in ceilings you can press "up" and then X. The current dive direction is also indicated by the cursor next to the character.

 Also, in order to dive out of floors, you can do the same, that is, chose a direction towards outside of the floor and press X :)

 I will add it when the jam is over, thanks for suggesting it! However, pressing the "Home" key should restart the current level if I'm not mistaken.

 Thanks a lot for playing and for the praise! I really tried to make the level design and the pacing feel great, and seeing that someone did notice these things (including the speedrun shortcuts) is very rewarding. About the bug, I'll try to reproduce it as well, thanks for pointing it out and giving some info on how it happened!

 Also, sorry for the limited controls, I'll definetly add more options on future games, and on this one as well in a future update :)

 Finally, in case you are interested, this video helped me a lot on how to make better Level Design, allowing for different play styles and skill levels. I still got lots to improve, but this video already helped me a gigantic amount. Once again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

Really glad you found the game fun, and thanks for playing it as well!

 Also, thanks for pointing out this bug and giving instructions to reproduce it. I was able to do so, and fixing it will be much easier now. I couldn't get stuck on the early stages however, but I'll surely try again later. Thanks for pointing this out as well!

 Thanks a lot Guille, really happy you liked it overall! Also thanks a lot for the feedback on pointing out that the lights are a bit off in some parts. That's definitely not intended, and it's pretty hard to notice as well hahaha

 Thanks Lentsius, really glad you liked it so much! You know, after spending some time making games using the TIC-80, where there are some big limitations on how to make games, I started to give more attention to polish and sound. It seems it's working (Godot also helps a lot hahaha).

 Once again, thanks for the feedback and for playing !

 Dang, sorry about that! I should start making the controls be either Arrow Keys+ZX keys or WASD+JK keys, or even Arrow keys+XC keys: it seems that should fix things up. Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

Wieder, es tut mir leid!

Thanks a lot! We really tried to make this game feel nice and polished, so it's very nice to read that it's your favorite this far :)

Great, really happy you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed! I'll fix the mirrored controls when the jam is over: not really happy that they ended being confusing, but at least I got some more experience. Thanks again!

Thanks a lot Jupiter :)

Thanks! VVVVVV is a pretty good game, it was a reference for me while making the stages!

Thanks! I see, when the jam is over I'll make sure to change the controls!

Thanks! About the controls, in my case it was the opposite hahaha but I understand your point, it makes sense that lowering the gravity should be Z and increasing it, X. I might have gotten used to these mirrored controls, and didn't notice that they were kinda strange. Well, either way, thanks again for the feedback!

 I believe making something more puzzle-like would be too much work too, so we ended with something more platform-y I guess... I don't know if that made sense, but the development ended a lot simpler!

 Also, thanks for commenting, glad that you liked!

Thanks Wesen! I might change the palette to a better one after the jam is over :)

 Thanks a lot for the feedback!

 For the background, I guess we should've tried more unsaturated colors I guess, it would make the foreground "pop" a bit more; and about the music, I agree that it turned out a bit out of tone and is almost an insult to the original one hahaha that is because I ended up using all the time on coding and debugging, and left the music and sfx for the last days. It was either leaving it kinda without the original feel, or making it a bit too acute but with the melody more distinct. This is also the reason why the tempo isn't exactly the same.

 Welp, enough for excuses hahaha thanks a lot for playing it, glad you could appreciate it overall, despite its flaws!

 Thanks kostik, glad that you liked! We also had a hard time while playtesting hahaha

 My buddy Sklaiser did a great job on the graphics, but I thought the music ended up a bit rough, at least comparing to the original: so, it's great to hear that it fitted well! About the comments, by the end of the coding, I realized the code was really a big mess, so I had to leave some comments warning anyone that tried to read it hahaha once again, thanks :)

Thanks man, I'll play it soon (I need to find a browser with WebGL it seems hahaha). Valeu!

Thanks a lot for your comment, glad you liked it! We thought that the amount of bullets and enemies might scare some players away, but it's great to see that even if you aren't that great at playing shmups, you still enjoyed playing. Again, thanks!

Thanks a lot! When testing the game I noticed it was getting a bit frustrating since controlling both characters not completely at the same time was kind of strange and confusing... but I guess that is part of the mechanic, so maybe it is not entirely bad. Once again, thanks a lot, really glad that you liked it!

Hm, you're right, the hitbox for the buttons should be lower, thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked.

Glad to help!

Hahaha yes, but at least I guess this time things are a bit more fair, since the controls seem work fine this time!

Also, great that you liked it! Thanks for playing!

(BTW, a really recommend the TIC-80 Wiki, Stele's source code, and Celeste's source code as learning resources. At first it seems pretty hard and even boring, but soon enough it gets really fun and kinda fast to make small and simple games!)

Dang, sorry about that! Just fixed it, seems to work fine now. Thanks for commenting and pointing this glitch out! Really glad you finished the game as well hahaha