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this was amazing! i love the use of game mechanics in this context, very simple gameplay but it felt so real, and also enjoyed the music i found myself submitting answers to the beat, great work!!!! one of my fav games from this years jam so far for sure

love to see the sequel on brand!!! i lost so many times but had a lot of fun and managed victory in the end! very charming lovely game, great work!

lovely art and a cute story

very cute! the chain combo sounds were very satisfying. i got to level 6 with 42440 points!!

love the colours and the voice over in this! i had a couple times where somehow i'd end up underneath a road on the ground and couldn't get out except by restarting the game but otherwise a lot of fun!

what a sweet little game! the ending was a pleasant surprise too, good work!

i hear you on that, if we had more time we definitely would have designed a more natural discovery for the mechanics, but that's why we put out the guide with the game! we realized it's one of the drawbacks of building a game with more experimental mechanics, but i'm glad you liked it in the end!! thanks for playing!

it's amazing you did it without the guide!!! thank you for putting in the effort to figure it out, it makes me really happy :) and glad to hear the music shift hit for you!

great to hear the puzzles worked out! and thank you so much for the feedback, it's definitely not a good feel to get stuck after all that work. thank you for playing!!

hey thanks a lot! i'm glad you enjoyed it!!
and thanks a ton for playing the test version! your feedback really helped us decide what to do at that time

very sweet very charming! love the game cycle and all the choices! the dialogue audio was perfect. good job!!

what you have so far is very cute!

took a couple tries but i figured out a strategy and unlocked all levels of liberation! it was engaging and intense but i enjoyed the challenge. i'm also in love with the visual design and the audio reminder as you place your defences down. all in all, great work!

excellent work! the story was heartfelt and tied into the game play really well. the graphics were simple but effective. i liked the pacing of the narrative, and getting to answer the question mid game provided a moment to slow down and think about what the theme meant to me. great job!!

delightfully unexpected! great work

thank you so much <3
i tried it out and i see what you mean about the buttons blocking the game window. good find! im glad u figured it out regardless

thank you so much! my goal this jam was to make a simple mechanic that could help tell a story and not be too difficult.  and im glad you like the text effect! it's definitely influenced by all the little comics ive drawn. thank you for playing!

i like the mascot designs and running around trying to do math! its surprisingly challenging

amazing work!! super impressed by how much you got done in the timeframe for the game jam, love the customization

gave this a go with a couple other jammers and we had a great time!! i love all the options and descriptions for the character creation, it definitely paved the way for an interesting and creative adventure!

wow thank you so so much! your words are too kind, thank you for taking the time to play and comment!

thank you!! im glad you like it! there was meant to be a bit of figuring it out but not a big struggle, hopefully it wasn't too difficult! i added a bit more help to the description so hopefully it's not as hard for others in the future

thank you so much! i tried to craft the gameplay/mechanics as a kind of experiential metaphor for the story, glad to see it had an impact!

thank you for playing and for these kind words!

wow thank you! i was a bit worried that some of the elements were too disconnected but im glad to hear it worked out!!

im so glad you like it! "expressive and relatable" was exactly what i was going for, glad to hear it hit the mark!

i love the colours you picked! very soft! and the kind of macro camera effect worked well with it too. it had a very soft happy atmosphere

this was so funny! did a couple play throughs to see what the different options brought on. good work!!

what a Fantastic game!!!! im astounded by how well put together this is - the battle mechanics, the dialogue, the story, the art, amazing work!!!!!

im in love with the battle system! it feels more like a puzzle than anything, it's fun to think ahead and figure out how to deal with all the upcoming enemy moves, and it was so cool to see that spin on its head at the end, what a treat!!

the story was beautiful, i really like the body swap trope with a trans lens! how refreshing!

amazing work, i hope you're proud of what you've made!

managed to make it to the end! very cute sprites (and spirits haha) good work!!

this was fantastic! picking up the stars and shooting them off into the sky was a lot of fun, and it was cool to be able to see the completed constellations as i continue to search for more. it worked really well with the storyline and loved how each constellation related to the narrative. well done!

such an interesting  mechanic and very cool to watch my little crowd of protesters grow! love the interpretation of the theme. great work!

great so far! my favourite part of these kind of games is walking around and talking to people so i had fun 

good fun! i was worried when i couldn't bring the panda and cat friends with me but glad to see them reunited in the garden!

thank you for playing!

thank you for playing and your kind words!! i think perhaps a certain kind of strength comes from the heart, and in keeping with the theme, it's certainly a lot easier to have that kind of strength when you have others to support you

thank you so much!

thank you for playing! i'm glad you enjoyed it!

thank you for playing and your kind words!! i think perhaps a certain kind of strength comes from the heart, and in keeping with the theme, it's certainly a lot easier to have that kind of strength when you have others to support you

thank you so much for your kind words!! i really wasnt sure how it would be received but reading this makes me feel like it was absolutely worthwhile <3

great feedback! i added a bit more in depth notes about the controls to the description so hopefully its easier to figure out for others in the future. hopefully you weren't stuck in the cage for too too long, but maybe doing so added to the experience of your playthrough aha