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MapMaker.exe is the editor, not the project. The project contains the code to load the maps you made in the editor.  Basically, once you make a map in the editor and save it, put the map file in the games save location(%appdata%/yourgamename) and open the map you want by using the function scrLoadMap("") sort of like you would with room_go_to(room_id);

To open the project in GMS2 select import project instead of open project and it'll work fine.

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I made a similar map editor that exports to Gamemaker Studio you might want to try

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It's very powerful, yet simple and easy to learn. I made it mostly for games I'm working on in game maker and my custom game engine, but it has alternate formats it can export for use in just about any language. I included a game maker project to demonstrate how to import the maps and spawn objects. If i see enough people using it i'll upload pseudo code or scripts for loading maps in other languages like C++.

That's unfortunate :/ I know it didn't come out great, but considering I had no team and did it in about 25 hrs, I think it came out alright for my first game jam.

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, sorry about the sprites. My friend was suppose to do the art but bailed on me. Had to do the programming, design and art myself in the 25 hours I had. Didn't have time to finish it and cut 75% of what I originally planned.

Don't feel bad, mine needed the the last 3 hours but I was up for 24 hrs and just didn't feel like messing with it anymore.  Has a weird bug where it goes in to an infinite loop  on occasion I need to sort out. Look forward to checking out your game too. Btw, your post about submitting your game on time helped. thanks!

Too tired to continue, but I submitted what I have so far. Regrettably, I didn't have time or energy to finish adding coop, bosses, shop, enemy and player sprites or fix all bugs. Think I did alright for my first game jam though.

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Works for me. I think you can add me from my discord ID? #8331
I also have a server set up

Sure. You have skype, discord or steam?

I'm working on a 2D game in GML if anyone wants to join me. Have most of the game play there, but could use help with art/music/design.