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The best use of the theme I've seen so far and a super intriguing concept. It's both experimental and fun which seems to be hard to do sometimes

I replayed through the whole game again just to see if I could get the key and backtrack to unlock a secret of some kind. Felt like a missed opportunity for a good secret but the game is already crazy polished for a 72 hour game and really good.

I love the mechanic

neat game! I like the controls. Pretty fun

I really love experimental movement systems like this. It's fun to figure out the little nuances and such

I'm said programmer dude and I have now added a windows version of the hit video game

I love this

This man's got legs but can't walk!

Garden Gage is a platformer game where you switch seamlessly between top down and platformer gameplay styles. You'll need to switch between both game modes in order to solve puzzles and progress in the game.

Check out the game here:
Gardengage community · Created a new topic Bugs

If you find any bugs in the game please let me know here and I'll try fixing them. If you can record a video of the bug it'd help but it's not required : )

Gardengage community · Created a new topic Feedback

Give us constructive feedback about the game. Let us know what we can improve upon!


I really like how this game is turning out! There are a few suggestions that I have but they aren't really a big deal. One thing I think that would be cool is if the R key reset the current room. A basic level selector that displayed your times and amounts of grabs on each level individually would be nice aswell and it could even have a ranking system where the amounts of grabs and time play into your rank; maybe for an S tier rank you'd need to get the minimum number of grabs and the minimum time and then lower ranks are just the same time/grabs added or subtracted by a certain amount each rank lower.

With the switches I think they're great but I think it'd be a bit better if the levers and arrow thingies had colors which differentiated the two different sides the lever can be facing. That additional color information I think would help me remember certain information about the level.

Anyways, you've done a really good job on this game so far and I'm happy to continue to see it be improved upon. Keep up the good work! : )

Woah, this is super cool! A lot of the art reminds me of art by Stanley Donwood for Radiohead albums, especially the later pages. I really love the jagged lines and everything! I feel like a game in this style would be awesome or maybe even a series of zines because I'd love to see more of this type of stuff!

Really neat game : )

The only critique I have is that I would make each layer of the parallax a little darker as they go down just because the depth kinda confused me at first.

Days of the Week is a bundle of seven games all packaged up into a nice menu. All of the games are made by different developers, each based on a day of the week! We all worked really hard on this so I hope people enjoy it : )

Link to the page:


I'm pretty sure you can buy the source code on their patreon

Very cool game B )

Thanks for the feedback! I probably should have added a sound effect for dry firing and maybe highlight the ammo text so it's more apparent. Also I totally agree that the gameplay can get a bit repetitive; I would have definitely added more variation in enemy types and all that if I had more time and I may even update the game after the jam ends : )

Sorry, I just now have realized that there was a spelling error on sandwich. If you type in, "purchase the zach sandwhich" it should work : )

I wasn't planning on updating the game since it was made for a game jam but if I get more feedback I might put aside a day to make improvements : )

Are you sure that you have all of the required letters unlocked?

Thanks! I think one of the benefits of it being a text adventure was that I could add in lots of content really quickly : )