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Imo that would be awesome if you open a Patreon. I feel like you deserve support for your hard work. This vn is a master peace! I think the Patreon should be one build ahead imo. I can't think of any rewards I would like to see but I would definitely support you on Patreon.

Is the demon going to be a romance option?

That would be cool.

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I love this vn so far. One thing I recommend doing to help people find this vn is add gay in the tags.  Chet has to be my favorite character. 

Will Azorin be a romance option?

The dragon has to be my favorite character. Can't wait for him to be a romance option.

I understand, this vn is one of the best I have played. I love the story and art. I feel like you guys deserve some kind of support for your hard work.

In the future, will you have a patreon? My favorite vn already.


I love this vn so far.  I can't wait to see more.

That sucks :( It looks interesting.

Hey is there m/m content?

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I fell in love with this visual novel and I was wondering will there ever be a sequel?

Hopefully one day we get daddy lars. T.T </3

I agree, their age needs more fixing. They changed it but only by 3 years more. Lol I really wanted lars to be daddy type as well. It doesn't make sense.

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This vn is very unique. I love the characters and art/Sal is my favorite character. It reminds me of final destination but even better imo. There is not much furry horror vn out there Definitely my favorite vn. One thing I would  recommend doing to help people find this vn on here is put "Furry" on the tags.

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I like it so far I wish you could keep your body type that you choose and you could pick your position my fav is Ronch. Also I wish you could be young not old in ronchs story. lol

Is there male/male content?

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I am excited to see you are making a game again! I have played all of the games you have made and enjoyed them all. I also just found out about your patreon when I get paid I plan on being a supporter. This one is awesome so far can't wait to see more!

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He is odd but you are right don't choose his route if you don't like him and we still don't know who old the mc is and teacher can do that. So saying it is illegal doesn't make sense.

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Is there something I have to do to make the heated occisia? I keep trying and it fails.

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I really like this novel so far but the only thing I think should change is the characters age. Coach gil is way to young to have been the mc high school coach. Also to become a gym coach you need a bacheLors degree or a major in physical education. I feel like he should at least be in his 30s. Lars looks middle age and in the story it also made him seem like he is middle age. I was shocked when I found out he is 26 as well. Changing this I feel like will make the novel more realistic and also fit the characters.

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I downloaded the most recent file. I have Norton and it immediately cancelled the download, saying "malicious download detected. I redownloded it and it worked without a prob.

I reinstalled it and it worked for me. I had the same prob.

Nothing wrong with that I like the way they look.

Yeah that sucks but it will still be awesome.

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Hey I noticed the art styles have changed. I really liked the more animated syle. Near the end it changed agian. I like both but the other one was my fav. I was just wondering if it will be back? Btw awesome novel.