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This was awesome! I loved the soundtrack when you went berserk and seeing the person flip out was great! Great work :D

Hey! I really enjoyed your game and would love to see more of it :) 

Here’s my video on it

Hey man! I loved your game :) it was super fun and a bit challenging which is awesome. Here's my take on it :) enjoy!

I absolutely loved this! It was a bit challenging towards the end, i enjoyed the commentary from the 'doctor' himself haha thanks mate! Here's my video on it :) 

Hey man! I absolutely loved this! You smashed it out of the park, hope you enjoy my feedback :) Hoping you release even more levels!

Hey man! I really enjoyed the game! Couldn't finish it when i played it but definitely will try again! 

This was awesome to play! Thanks man! 

Dude! This game was amazing! Thank you so much for the good belly laughs! I thoroughly enjoyed the humor of it. I lost it at Mudslide XD here's my video on it!

Hey! I'll definitely check back for the update! Can't wait to see it :) 

Hi! I really enjoyed your game! I suck at painting but i did my best XD

Hi! Loved your game! It was really fun :)

hey guys! I love your game it was so much fun and i laughed the entire playthrough! I can't wait for more episodes! Here's my take on it :)

Hey! I loved your game, it was really simple and beauitifully done :) thanks for making it, here's a video i made about it :)

Hey man! I loved your game! I'd love to see a more fleshed out version of it. It was very quirky and fun to work out :) here's a video i made on it :) 

Hi! :D I really enjoyed your game! It was fun and reminded me of games I played when I was younger :) here’s a video I made about it

Dude! I absolutely loved this! I love the style, I love the 2 tracks! I love the music! It was just awesome to play, thank you :)

great game! The heckling in the background was hilarious. Found it hard to actually flip the burgers though lol. 

Here’s my video on it :)

I really enjoyed this! It’s different from any other cooking game I’ve played and the graphics are stunning! 

Here’s my video on it :)

awesome game man! I felt like Hercules was delivering the mail! XD

I loved it! The concept is really cool and could be really really great with some more added content. I’d like to see more fish, more effects and some kind of end screen please! 

Unless I missed the end screen, my guy just sunk into the water but was still bringing up fish..? 

Here’s a video of my gameplay :) 

Click the link below for more!

I hope you do man, I think it could have some real potential! I’d be down to be a play tester :)

Hey man! I love the concept, i'd definitely play a game based around it!

hey man! I made a video on your game. I thought it was pretty good, really reminded me of the early final fantasy days.  Wasn’t scary as I was expecting from previous .exe games like Mario or sonic. I still enjoyed it though, good work!

If you enjoyed my video, follow this link to find more of my content!

Dude! I absolutely loved this! I'd love to see a bigger, more fleshed out version with heaps of people and multiple garages maybe..? IMHO you've hit this nail right on the head! Keep up the awesome work man! 

P.s my video isnt live yet, won't be for another 5 hours but i wanted to drop my link here before i forgot! 5am AEST :) 

WELCOME TO MY YARD SALE! Or how we say it in the South, Yard Sard! Plenty of stuff to choose from! Old toys, knives, stuffed animals, taxidermy animals, you name it! It's here!

If you enjoyed my video you can click the link below for more!

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Hey guys! Absolutely loved this game of yours! I couldn't figure out the last part of it with all the bus layers but only 1 kid? Not sure if thats a bug or not. Keep up the good work! :D Here's a video i made on your game, enjoy! :)  

I absolutely loved this! It was so much fun haha especially using dynamite to open locked doors. Keep up the great work guys! 

This was awesome to play! Thank you for such a unique game! I really enjoyed it and my best score was 1750 :) 

This game was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun playing it and kicking the shit out of everyone else! Thank you for an awesome game! Here’s my video on it :)

definitely will man! Looking forward to it :D

hey guys! I loved the game! The art style is on point. Can’t wait for the full release!

Getting un-BEAR-ably drunk and smacking the kids around! Where's the rest of my beers! 

Thanks man :) glad you enjoyed it

Hey dude! I couldnt help but do a video on your game XD its fucking great for the 2mins that it is haha 

Escape the lab in this adorable game from the Devs that brought us Ley Lines! We must help Mondi make his way out of his hellish prison! Stick to any surface and climb your way to freedom!

Thank you again Devs for another great indie game!

Hey mate! I played your game and did a video on it with my feedback and thoughts. I really enjoyed the game but couldnt make it home lol keep up the good work! 

Cheers man! Dude, for what the controls/game is, you've done a great job with the controls. I have played it again since i did this vid, really cant wait for more. The wall run is a bit sticky, its fun to bug the level out and wall run all over instead of using the jump pads lol

Hey man! I messaged you on Reddit the other day! Here's my take on your game! I overall enjoyed it and would love to see a more fleshed out version! There's something i forgot to mention in the video but i feel the controls are pretty smooth and not complex. Hope my video helps :)