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im loving thew game so far! i do have to say though im a little but stumped? spoilers but after losing my party member and getting chased back into the main hospital im unable to progress? im unsure if im missing something or something meant to be there isnt ;n;

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I super enjoyed the 1.0.7 demo! For a demo it is pretty complete and I rather enjoyed it, minus a few bugs and weird game things here and there! I'm going to make some soft recommendations that of course you don't have to follow, but it would be cool to have some of these things added!

-Save points in front of boss fights or an manual save. Now I might be the only person but I had a hard time fighting the last boss of the demo, mostly because of the spawning of monsters that just made it a pain to track back to the point I could save without loosing a bunch of exploring and items. Again might be me complaining but from a game play pov it's a pain to ever fight unnecessary monsters just to save. 

-Phoenix down type item. I'm pretty sure there is one in the game (the hot coco) but it never seemed to work for me? It would heal the party member to use it not the member I wanted revived.

-Indication that you are too low of level to fight a boss. More of a nitpick but even it comes to the last fight I was under the impression that I could fight her with the passive level of 7-8, only to be wiped and needing to grind to level 12 to get better skills to clutch to fight her. Something like "you have a feeling you are too weak to survive if you enter this door" would be great and would have saved me 3 restarts to actually kill the boss.

That's I have to say! Make sure to keep up the great work! I'd love to play the full version of ghost hospital one day! Kind of related do you play to make some sort of donation type thing like patreon? Because if so please tell me! I'd gladly give funds to put this game in a full version! 

( ps: im pretty sure i see what u are doing with jay's story devs! im not gonna shout it just in case you guys wanna keep it hush other than some context hints, but its very nice for some inclusion that just isnt there for 'hey we have [x minority]'! ~some dude in the same boat as jay (although if this isnt the case and im reading too much please ignore me) )