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Dead Unicorn

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Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Possible content update for the feature, thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! It's funny you say that about the enemies, the reason it's like that is because I didn't have time to implement a player HUD with HP so I said screw it one life. Originally I wanted there to be a boss fight after you mow down all the baddies but I ran out of time.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah unfortunately I didn't have time to add any exit options, thanks for the info I'll be sure to fix that bug!

Thanks for playing and making a video! I really appreciate the in depth feedback

Game Maker Studio 2

Thanks for playing it! If you hide after he spawns he always finds you. You have to hide when you hear the stairs creak or you can run to a different floor and try to hide.

Thanks for playing! Originally there was going to be something to do on each floor but unfortunately I ran out of time and had to scope down.

Originally I wanted I wanted there to be more interaction with the texting but being a solo team I just ran out of time.

No you just get as high a score as possible 

oh you need to hit the x key on your keyboard 

Hmmm, that's a weird bug. It all works fine on my build. Could you send your specs if possible?

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately I wasn't able to flesh out more of the house.

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it! I took inspiration from real life and made it more extreme 

This is awesome! Here's my Pixel Art Forest asset pack 

Any support in my indie game dev endeavor is greatly appreciated! 

Are all your games made in GMS?


Thank you!

Thanks for playing, awesome video!

Yeah that jump on the left side of the boss fight needs to be fixed. 

The music was very thrown together so I can definitely understand that.

I can add a little delay between jumping.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback!

I'm glad you liked them!

It wasn't intentional at first, but I decided to leave it in as a mechanic. Thank you for the video!

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! 

Thank you!

Based on the fleeting popularity of it and the low price, I will probably not be updating it. But rather release another asset pack altogether

That's the point, it was made for the DISC ROOM game jam.

Yes! You are free to do whatever with them so long as you don't resell the asset itself.

Thank you so much for playing! You gave a lot of valuable feedback that I can use to improve the game.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Haha, love the thumbnail! I'll be sure to give it a watch when I have a chance. Thanks for playing! A future update is definitely on the way to fix all the bugs.

Thanks for giving it a try! I'll be sure address the bugs in a future update :)

Thank you for playing!