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Dead Revolution

A member registered Dec 27, 2016

Recent community posts

I were just thinking about this game and then I check my feed to see that the game has been updated. Frightening in a way.

What's the time difference between Patron release and public release?

Oh, the suspense is killing me!

How am I supposed to gain Dark Energy?

I think Godot would be a great engine for Power Corrupts.

Is the other Power Corrupts game abandonware?

I found this while you were on hiatus and I've been eagerly awaiting the return. I'm glad you're back, DP.

There doesn't seem to be a file to download.

Here's the Newgrounds version: 697755
It is English. I haven't found a way to change the customisable text.

The English download doesn't seem to work.

Needs heavy grammatical refinements.

Exactly how long does it take to complete Elda's path?

I sure hope you got therapy for this. Great game

The crash handler is recognised as being a virus by my anti-virus software.

Is there anything else to do after getting rid of Iskra? I can't find the camp from the letter. I had the theory that you have to search the radio frequencies on full moon and then explore in wolf form on the next full moon, but nothing. I don't understand the game.

Can you add a free moving camera in build mode?