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I keep dying on like the second day of the game and I don't know how to make it stop. Just "Good night" and then title screen. Please help DX

Edit:  I cant get past the demo it seems. I'm playing on a windows, and downloaded the 18+ full game. I'm providing a picture of what I downloaded. 

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Hello! I realize that the Android install instructions for the game are explained, but I'm having issues following through. I've tried asking the internet for help but can't manage to figure out how to do each step, and was hoping anyone could at least gimmie a push the right direction? Much thanks!

Thank you for the info, I'll be getting your games from here instead from now on! Don't wanna Miss out on any content.

Hello! I purchased the game VIA the Google app store and wanted to know if I can still access the 18+ material? I'd hate to kiss out just because I didn't know where to buy things properly. 😅 Much love to the game!