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Amazing thanks!

I do have a question, Carlos will be updated twice in the development cycle?

Merry Christmas yall!

Maybe he got too many people in his room the day before lmao

What to say? I'm speechless... i've never read a Vn like this one. Hopefully i played it all at once ( only slept 3 hours this night though... worth it). The plot is AMAZING, the way the story is put together, from the slightest detail to the major part, the way the words are used. the feelings that we feel while reading what the main character is going trough. In all honesty, i had to wipe my tears several times. 

Again, the story is beautiful and it is from far ahead the best Vn i've ever read. I thank you for this masterpiece and i hope with all my soul that we can have another chapter to this one X).


wow... stupid and simple plot... i love it!

No problem, same here, hope that all the team is all right.

Thanks again!

Crap, forgot to reply heh... sry...

Anyway yes! Thanks a lot for the infos!I played the Original morenatsu and honestly i prefer the revisited version. Can't wait for the next update!

Hope that you all are all right by those crazy times!

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I really enjoyed playing the 5th demo, and can't wait for the next update! 

Although, i'm not a 100% fan of Hiroyuki's design,  everyone but him look very well on his side view. but not a major disturbance.

quick question, i haven't played the original game, what are the differences between this one and the original??

Anyway, thanks for this excellent redesign, can't wait to see how Sotarou's path will be!

What's new on 0.6.8?

I just want to say... waw, the story is amazing, and the charachters are attaching. Just a little bit disapointed with solair's death... i really liked him UwU...

I just can't wait for the next update, i really need to know the rest of the story!