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Put the code in the menu code bar

Can you make an android port?

Buzz Sound by: DayQuil23

I would like to be in the credit page if you dont mind, please and thanks 馃檪

ParashockX (the guy with the "if I do this, the video ends") played this, though I'd might share. 

are you going to be working on Level 1 sometime? (The one you made is level 0)

you can explore forever, but it doesn't change.

Well, the whole game currently, is only level 0. And in free mode, you can't escape level 0, you can only explore it.

Yes,  definitely, idc if you don't or do put credit, it's all yours 

OH NO! I FELL INTO THE BACKROOMS, HELP!! Just Kidding, here's a fluorescent light buzz/hum sample I recorded if you want it: 

add a framerate option? 20, 30, 60, or even 120 (android too, because I'm stuck on 30 and my phone can do 60)

not for me, just for others

Another backrooms game got an android port, I think this one should too

then try free mode

anything else you're thinking to add 

also there should be an option in free mode where you can run or not

nope, also no time limit or exit. Just explore

know what I mean?

so if you saw my backrooms vid, you saw the looking camera was set to one sensitivity speed, but you can only look around with that speed, but in minecraft pe, you can set it to a sensitivity, but also look around slow or fast, I wish you could adjust it like minecraft pe. Here's a low framerate recording (battery was low so thats why) of what I mean

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its perfect, and I get no warm hands, It would be cool to have this

Also isn't there a black skinny monster that appears anywhere,  the one that developer "pie on a plate productions" put in

Model is galaxy s10

a nice update would be a graphics changer for android


I'll do a video on this


if youre on windows (idk if this will work but try it) and you haven't extracted the .zip, go ahead and try launching it from the extracted one

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if you hate getting jumpscared, then play freemode, where you just explore for as long as you want, and no jumpscares, but if you hate the sense of being alone, then this isn't for you.

here is a test 

so ik the webgl version wont fully work with my  phone, as in controls, and it also zooms in, but there  is never any lag

i have a galaxy s10 so it should probably not cause not much to any lag on it


so how far are you done with it?

I've never seen a mobile version and it would be nice to play on the go