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I had a lot of fun! Here is the twitch vod and will be up on youtube probably tomorrow so ill update with that too

but also a clip of me getting terrified

10/10 Would recommend and will continue to play between my twitch and my yotube as it gets updated! I will get good at this eventually! 

Edit Here is the game VOD> 

Also Two Fun Shorts! 

it comes out in may 

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Posted part two I cannot wait for the update 

Part 1 this game is so fun I love the little cat outfit you can put on him I also totally didn't try and flush him 

loved playing this game! I got stuck on one of the boulder puzzles but that was my fault! Cannot wait to see the game develop!! 

i adored the style and the characterization t the start 

This is a darling game, cannot wait to play more to complete all of the fish collection but I was playing all the #frogcon2022 games to show them off and I am so pleased that this game was included I adore it 

Such a fun game! Played a little bit to show off, I find this super duper fun! I adore the fact you need to find water to survive and dang those pesky birds!

i freaking love them playing and posted on tiktok for others to see and hopefully come play! I adore their little hats and clothes and just the game in general! 

I played the game and did a small video on it, it is so so cute and if i had scrolled down and actually read the instructions I would have known how to play xD 

Such a lovely game! 

part two

A Mortician's Tale community · Created a new topic Gameplay

this was such a fun game! I loved it and it made me tear up a bit, here is the first of two episodes 

Decided to split this into two parts but I find it super fun! here is the first ep of two (i will just reply to this comment with the episode itself made a blog and added the game to it I made a blog and reviewed all the games I have played from itch so far 

Made a blog and reviewed this game in it

I did a little gameplay walk through of two of the creatures, super fun and cute game! 

YES idk why it scared me so bad lmfao

Theres a short tiktok replay of what occured if you dont want to watch the full video

The videos finally up

Hello I played this adorable game on my youtube channel I adore them so much 

Cant wait to post the video! Coming soon, but I got so spooked I full on quit the game, I am dumb, plan to make an update when I get brave and finish. Never dont that before and idk why I got so scared LMFAO

Heres the Thumbnail for the future Vid though

XD same I Was so scared something was gonna jump out

So the radio breaks and you put the note youve been writing in the bottle and chuck it in the ocean and the game restarts, i have a video on it on my channel DawnsPlaceYT or see my comment for the gameplay its fairly simple I too wish that it went for more than 3 goes

Hiya! I did a bit of a playthrough for you 

I really adore this I made a little tiktok about it to show it off, hopefully it will get some reach out there Tiktok

I played your game in my video :) 

So while I first didn't really understand the point I still really enjoy the layout and the calmness of the game. It is very cute and it is a nice time killer. 

So I adore this little space minigolf game! It is so so cute and the star is so precious! I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is interested in playing, it is so so so cute, I love the style and the music/sounds are adorable. I love that certain things bring in the star and you have to go the extra mile to escape. Its adorable! Highly recommend. 

HIYA I played your adorable little game in a video. It is so charming and I am sure there is plenty I didn't encounter so I will more than likely play again for a longer period of time. It is so cute and I really love the art style and the little film student rat stole my heart and now all I wish for is to be drawn as a rat! It is so cute and I fully recommend it! Your art style is great and I love the random things, and the possom knife fight 10/10