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Dawn's Ghost

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Black Lilies community · Created a new topic I like it!

Hey, don't worry about forgetting to finish your game, I didn't even get a chance to post mine (I was so busy w/ trying to not fail and technical difficulties that I didn't even make it to the character the MC is supposed to date,,,,)- either way I think it's great! 

I love how it has the 4th wall break of the "Didn't she choose something else earlier?" and I like how you gave the message that you forgot about the game lol

I hope you don't forget again and end up finishing, I'm going to attempt to do the same for mine since I'm about to have a break after I finish all these finals aaaa

Making some good progress today!! This month has been so crazy for me aaaahh,,, it's application season, exams, work work work work work...

All I wanna do is work on my music and game ;-;

I'm hoping I'll get this done in time, but if I don't, I'll just put what I have up and then put the finished version up later? 

I'm just too much of a perfectionist when it comes to things, so I keep redrawing and rewriting and redoing things because I'm just never satisfied with my work '<'


update: afformentioned friend looked at it today and showed me that the left port somehow got un-sautered (sp?), he's going to try to fix it so lets hope for the best!

As for pen pressure.... I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...

I've decided to use photos I've taken for the background and I got lots of new photos today so! some progress?

thank you so much I hope it'll turn out to be a game you enjoy!

Sad News: Absolutely no progress has been made since my last post, because not only did renpy mess up for me (which I fixed eventually at least) but my tablet is now broken.

I'm really confused here with my tablet because I am a lefty with a wacom intuos 4, and one of the ports was broken right? Well, it WAS right, until I plug it in today and the ports.... switched? the one that is broken is now the left handed one? I am thoroughly confused on how this happened, but fine whatever I'll use the tablet upside down until I find a way to fix this........ or not because NOW pen pressure won't work either :(

I doubt I'd be able to afford any repairs or anything let alone get a new one, so I'm going to see what I can do to fix the port (Its like, unaligned?  the one side is just pushed back where it cant be reached by the plugin on the cord... a friend of mine its pretty good with taking apart computers etc so he's going to look at it and see what we can do and hopefully not destroy it anymore than I already have)...

Overall worst case scenario if I can't figure this out and run out of time I'll still make the game it'll just not make it in time for the jam I guess :/ I'm just a broke kiddo trying my best


Title idea: Met an Angel in a Heaven Spot

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pdate?????????????????

I'm spending so much time on this one sprite rip me

This looks so interesting, I'm excited to see the turnout!

I've yet to come up with a name but I am creating a short VN about two girls who meet at abandoned places... one who is a graffiti artist, another who just really likes to take pictures...

graffiti artist is designed so far, probably going to make a lot of changes to what I have drawn bellow though

I also want to implement a part of the game where you can add your own graffiti, like a part where you can draw and then close out when you're done maybe? We'll see if I can figure out how to do that with Renpy...

My biggest struggle right now is the name, so if anyone has any suggestions that'd be fantastic! I'm working on another game at the moment that isn't for the game jam (a game where you play as a ghost hunter and date ghosts) that is named "School Spirit: A Bootiful Romance" so any suggestions that are of that nature (I love puns) would be awesome :D

A friend of mine said "Say it Don't Spray it" but I think that gives off the wrong impression lol