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*-* <3

Thanks! :)

Really good ideia! This game clearly needs polish and I'm aware of it :)

I think it needs more playtasting at this stage of development, to improve the overall experience.

But it's crazy to develop a multiplayer game alone, I'll ask for my friends help in this one :)

Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot! (and I really like your idea, for real, thinking of ways to implement it)

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Novamente um jogo muito bonito, arte excelente, num estilo que já é característico do estúdio, ponto muito positivo. UI organizada e bem feita, muito legal poder mudar os inputs do teclado!

Ideia boa, mas acho que pode melhorar em alguns aspectos. Algumas sugestões:

  •  Cair na água e morrer instantaneamente me pareceu um pouco injusto.
  • Alguma tela que mostre o score quando você perde seria legal(eu consegui fazer várias sopas mas não pude ver meu score porque caí na água e o score foi zerado instantaneamente).
  •  Um arquivo pra salvar o maior score também seria legal, acho que dá mais sentido pra pessoa voltar pro jogo ou mostrar pra amigos jogarem também.
  •  Talvez adicionar mais elementos ao gameplay pra enriquecer a experiência, depois de um tempo fica repetitivo apenas pegar madeira ou água. Adicionar inimigos talvez?
  • A sopa esfriar/esquentar sem nenhum sinal prévio também é algo que achei injusto com o jogador. Por ex: a barrinha tava verde e faltava 2 segundos pra terminar a rodada e minha sopa esfriou do nada, não deu tempo de pegar madeira e perdi.

Um abraço de Recife e continua o bom trabalho!

Thanks for the advice Pigdev :)

Didn't know that!


0:18   :)

Great to see another godot project here! :)

The windows file says FliperLinux.exe, this is confusing. And I strongly recommend you putting the .exe and the .pck files together in a .rar or .zip file for next updates/projects, this can be something that throws people of your game. I work with Godot too, so I know it needs the .pck file in the same folder, but not everyone knows. Anyway, just some advice.

The idea is nice and the character sprite is great! But you got to fix those collisions! And sometimes the game just stops responding the inputs.

Thank you for the feedback! I should have made a restart button, totally agree! I will put one in the next version! 
But at least for now you can go back to any stage you want in the stage selection option :)

So happy to read this! It was exactly what I intended :D

It's one of the many possible solutions for this level! It is intentional :)

You got to see how this dude beat that level, this video is a lesson in level design, just incredible!

Great art style and idea! Nice to see another Godot project in this jam :)

Awesome idea and level design! 5 stars!

Just one advice: perhaps increase the margin of error a bit, the fire catches up maybe just a little too fast.

...and another one: Make more levels! :)

Really enjoyed playing, had to try it 3 times to survive!

Really nice! Reminds me of Extreme Exorcism, but in a top down perspective! 

I think the main lime should be more easy to spot. Maybe put the last ones in another color, idk.

Overall a very nice game! :)

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I liked the atmosphere and the pixel art!

But the objective is confusing and I don't know if it fits the theme of the jam.

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It's similar to the game I made in my last game jam. I really like this idea of rotating movement in platform games and I know for my own experience, it isn't easy to do! Good job!

Some advices:

I think the lack of sound really didn't help the overall feeling of the game. I think sound is something as important as the visual aspect of a game, but usually is left for the last moments of development. An accelerating sound could be very useful to the understanding of the game mechanic.

The landing is something that needs more polish, I got stuck on the ground a few times and had to reset the stage.

I didn't quite understand what you said.

Is it a bug you found in the Android version? Did you play it in the browser or installing the .apk file?

Thaanks!! :)

Already working on this! :)

Thank you so much! I'll work on more levels for sure :D

Happy to know you enjoyed it! :)

That's awesome! :D Feel free to check my other games if you want! 

"Rat Maze" and "Shadow Clone Sheep" are my favorites :)

Rat Maze can be played on Android too!

Really great idea! Fun gameplay as well :)

Thank you very much! :)

It's the API the game runs in, some devices don't have it  installed. You can download and intall it with this link (if your tablet is compatible):

You can also download the .apk file if you want to play it on an Android device. 

But I think the PC with mouse version is better.

Really happy to read your comment, I'm glad you like it! :D

Thaanks! I tried to make the art simple but nice :)

Thank you very much Sir!

I noticed this too, must be a problem with the physics engine of Godot, I think can be solved though. I will try to do it :)

Thanks, glad you like it!

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It's the API the game runs in, some PCs don't have it  installed. You can download and install it with this link (if your pc is compatible):

I hope this can solve your issue :)

Thanks for sharing this problem! 

Crazy input! I loved the ideia, knowing everything is at you disposal since the start of the game is just so intriging . 

I tried to figure out the inputs by myself, only managed to shoot an recover, the rest I had to read the instructions. The ending made me laugh, really cool! Beat it in 20 minutes lol

I do think some of the button combinations are very uncomfortable, so maybe think about it for next versions. The missing sound was something that bothered me too.

Nice job!

Thank you so much! Really glad you like it! 

I have more ideas for the breakable blocks in future versions :)

Still shocked!


You're incredible!! 

A friend said the same thing about being like this SNES game, but I had never seen it before lol

Thak you for the feedback :)

Thank you very much! And I agree that the character sprite still needs some polish! :)

Wow! That's is actually pretty fast! You just gave me the idea of putting a built in timer in the next version of the game :D

Thanks for playing and sharing!

I appreciate it!

Thank you! I love challenging games :D

Thanks! :)