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Incredible game. So excited to see it develop!!! I have been looking for a game like this for the last decade! As a skier and lover of simulation games, so many thoughts (outside the super obvious):

- Weather - how does snow conditions, weather conditions etc. effect visitor numbers. Does altitude of runs affect snow quality? Avalanche safety. Do runs and lifts need to be closed due to high avalanche risk or lack of snow. Would be great if each season followed an arch from Autumn through Spring and then it skips the summer.

- Lift Queues - would be awesome to see people actually wait in a line

- Dissatisfaction with busy runs

- Off piste and Tree Skiing options - would be sick if you could almost 'paint brush' these areas/routes

- Grooming, Snow Making and Terrain Parks

- Trails - this is super common in real ski resorts as a way of opening up a ton of terrain without another lift, never seen this executed in a game.

- Convex and Concave slopes. Current map has mostly concave - no huge bowls like you see in North America 

- Lift variety - I realise it is early days, but I would love to see a few different chairlifts, which go different speeds, different distances and different capacities

Just wanted to flag a bug. I was playing - laying down new runs. It made the sound effects as if the run was created. I could create additional new runs/lifts and the visitor counter kept going up but all the lifts and skiers stopped. Then when I created new runs the error continued. See screenshot.