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ah! Cool. I'll definitely give it another shot, then. 👍

Excellent game overall, but like someone else said, the camera definitely needs work. Great job!

Nice! I definitely will! 

Cool. Got it. Thanks for the response. 

Just a quick clarification...

Are we to assume that transparency counts as a color and only use 4 "actual" colors (much like NES color limitations.), or do we have a full 5 colors PLUS transparency? 

Came back a year later, and beat it again, just cause i really like this game. Lol

I enjoyed the game, guys. Very well done. I would like to see a few things, that I mention in the video. However, overall the game was great and the demo did a phenomenal job of showing the potential of the title. Can't wait to see more!

Glad to help!

Honestly, I'm not as familiar with working with the fonts in GMS2 as I was in GM:S, so I'd have to look into and get back to you.  As for the journal, you could set up an array (like the inventory) and have it update with notes at points in the story. Just have it draw and delete itself (Black rectangle over the screen, disable player input except for J, and then draw the array on top) whenever the player presses "J". At least, that's what I would do  to keep with the simplicity of the tutorial. 

Great game! This was awesome! Had a lot of fun and loved how beautiful the assets were. Hope you enjoy the video!

From what I gather, you're getting stuck AFTER you've played through the game once.

If that is the case, it sounds like your issue is that you've got a variable set, and not resetting it to default  after the game has reset. I recommend checking over all of your variables, then go through and make sure your case statements are all written properly as well. 

If this still doesn't fix it, or if I am misunderstanding your issue, please send me your code so that I can get a better grasp of your situation! 
Thank you!

Really enjoyed the game! Hope the survey helps!

No way, bro.  Very good pacing with the difficulty increase. That's hard to pull off with these games. Well done!

Good little brain teaser. Well done with the puzzles, by the way. That last one had me stumped for a bit. Lol

I was kinda disappointed by the ending, however, I had a good time playing! Hope to see more from you soon!

I JUST realized this was a prototype! I'll update the video description for it! Well done! The creeping terror of just that red orb was amazing. I was actually scared. Lol. That's not an easy feat to accomplish. Can't wait to see more!

Very creative game and cool concept. I really enjoyed playing it! 

The game looks very good, and does an extraordinary job of setting the mood. However, nothing scary really happens. It's a lot of build up without much pay off. Essentially, it just needs more substantial scares. Not really even jump-scares... anything really. 

Really enjoyed the demo. Can't wait to see the finished game!

No problem! Glad you got it all sorted. Feel free to contact me if you have anymore issues.

That is what should happen. Can you provide screen shots so I can see what exactly is happening? 

All of the code is commented on what an how it works. What kind of documentation would you need? Be as specific as possible and I can see what I can do for you.

As far as the blank screen, what version are you running? This was designed with desktop platforms in mind. (Windows, Linux, Mac), so if you're targeting another platform you'll need to adjust the code for the needs of that platform. 

As for a test build, sure. I can package one up and supply it with a re-upload.

I figured. Lol. I had put the keys on the game page, but I guess I forgot to save them. I noticed they weren't there last night and reposted them. Hope that helps!

What was the issue

Lol. No worries! It happens to the best of us! 

Just a title screen  screenshot, then I'm off to D&D. Lol.  I'm really happy with how far I got in a week. Hope you guys enjoy playing mine! I'll be playing others tonight when I get home! 

You have to add one. Go to your "Edit Game" page on your games page, and you'll be able to upload it there. 

What do you mean? I'm not sure what you're asking? Do you mean on the project page?

Hey, man! That's what these jams are for. Lol. Keep your chin up and keep at it!

Thanks, man!

And I'm using GameMaker: Studio. Not that I don't use other engines, it's my preferred IDE. 

2D Platformer Jam community · Created a new topic Progress!

How's everyone's progress coming along? Here's a quick look at where I stand tonight!

Tonight it was one of our players first time DMing, so we ran a one shot. I was a Halfling Bard. We do go back in forth though, so in one campaign I'm a Half-Orc Barbarian (pretty standard) and in the other I'm running a Shadar-Kai Necromancer.

Hey, guys! Just saying hi! I be a little late starting, as tonight is my weekly D&D night, but I'll catch up with you all later tomorrow. Good luck!

If you have any recommendations, ideas, or suggestions for anything (add-ons, expansions, modules, etc.) please put them here!

Cool! Thanks for the  reply! Ready to get started tomorrow. 

Is there anything preventing us from providing peripherals adding to the core game? Say I make the core rules of the game on one sheet, but also provide some extra content to expand on it.

You know, at first I was wary of this game because of the plot. But there's something to say about having a plot this simple. Just a little story and completing felt meaningful. Lol. I actually had fun. Good job!

It happens. Lol. Like I said, great game and awesome concept. I would like to see a more fully fleshed out version, if you ever did one.

No, no. I meant the ACTUAL ground. Lol. I actually really like the slashing of those invisible blocks. Cool use of the mechanics. I think you got something here. For real.