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No problem! Glad you got it all sorted. Feel free to contact me if you have anymore issues.

That is what should happen. Can you provide screen shots so I can see what exactly is happening? 

All of the code is commented on what an how it works. What kind of documentation would you need? Be as specific as possible and I can see what I can do for you.

As far as the blank screen, what version are you running? This was designed with desktop platforms in mind. (Windows, Linux, Mac), so if you're targeting another platform you'll need to adjust the code for the needs of that platform. 

As for a test build, sure. I can package one up and supply it with a re-upload.

I figured. Lol. I had put the keys on the game page, but I guess I forgot to save them. I noticed they weren't there last night and reposted them. Hope that helps!

What was the issue

Lol. No worries! It happens to the best of us! 

Just a title screen  screenshot, then I'm off to D&D. Lol.  I'm really happy with how far I got in a week. Hope you guys enjoy playing mine! I'll be playing others tonight when I get home! 

You have to add one. Go to your "Edit Game" page on your games page, and you'll be able to upload it there. 

What do you mean? I'm not sure what you're asking? Do you mean on the project page?

Hey, man! That's what these jams are for. Lol. Keep your chin up and keep at it!

Thanks, man!

And I'm using GameMaker: Studio. Not that I don't use other engines, it's my preferred IDE. 

2D Platformer Jam community · Created a new topic Progress!

How's everyone's progress coming along? Here's a quick look at where I stand tonight!

Tonight it was one of our players first time DMing, so we ran a one shot. I was a Halfling Bard. We do go back in forth though, so in one campaign I'm a Half-Orc Barbarian (pretty standard) and in the other I'm running a Shadar-Kai Necromancer.

Hey, guys! Just saying hi! I be a little late starting, as tonight is my weekly D&D night, but I'll catch up with you all later tomorrow. Good luck!

If you have any recommendations, ideas, or suggestions for anything (add-ons, expansions, modules, etc.) please put them here!

Cool! Thanks for the  reply! Ready to get started tomorrow. 

Is there anything preventing us from providing peripherals adding to the core game? Say I make the core rules of the game on one sheet, but also provide some extra content to expand on it.

You know, at first I was wary of this game because of the plot. But there's something to say about having a plot this simple. Just a little story and completing felt meaningful. Lol. I actually had fun. Good job!

It happens. Lol. Like I said, great game and awesome concept. I would like to see a more fully fleshed out version, if you ever did one.

No, no. I meant the ACTUAL ground. Lol. I actually really like the slashing of those invisible blocks. Cool use of the mechanics. I think you got something here. For real.

Awesome! This is the kind of game I like to see. An original take on old concepts. My only critique here is that the ground tiles sort of blended in with the background a bit. However, I am slightly color deficient so that could just be me. Lol. Either way, I really enjoyed playing Wretched Blade and I'm excited to see more!

This is a great piece of work! Very well done! I loved how each level tested your grasp of the mechanics with increasing difficulty. The sound, while simple, kept everything together and was excellently fit for the game. I look forward to more from you!

I really like this game, however I do have one complaint... sound. I need sound effects. And the music, while nice, was repetitive and eventually felt like it was just droning in the background. I think that dragged the game down a bit. However, very well done! I really enjoyed Louise and can't wait to play more by you!

EXCELLENT! I loved playing this game and almost didn't want to stop! Very well executed and it looks really good considering the limitations.  I can't wait to play this more! Lol

Yeah. Kinda depressing but I'll push through. Lol. I'm still gonna finish this game though, so once I get it to where I'm happy to show it I'll ome back to send a link to you all. 

Well, I gotta drop out. Had some life events come up and it's caused me to miss days of work. Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see the winner!

Nice! I'll check it out. Thanks!

I checked him out, on Twitter. Lol. 
But yeah, I just ended up on on OpenGameArt and snagging a few tracks. I think they fit the bill for Battle For The Beard. Lol 

Any tips for a beginner for FamiTracker? Been trying to use it... and I'm just, just awful. Lol. HELP MEEEEE!!!!

Fair enough. Lol. 

I'm working on this game till it's done. This is only my second jam as well, so I'm optimistic in the drive I have for this game. I love the limitations and creativity it sparks.

With the little time boost, I have time to polish off a couple things before moving on to tiles and music, so that's a good thing. Lol

I use the arrow keys as the D-pad, Z and X are A and B, and Left and Right Shift are select and start respectively. I feel it's a more comfortable hand position. For platformers, at least. Lol

Lol. Thanks , NinJa. I'm excited to actually show this one too.  I can't wait. 

So, basically the design for my game(again) was bigger than I thought. Lol. Definitely put too much into it. So, I'll just be submitting the 1st level as a demo for the full game. Regardless of what happens, I'll be finishing this game completely after this jam. I really like the game and the concept, to it's happening no matter what! Lol

Anyone else do this, sometimes?

Nice, man! I'm pumped to see it. Mine is going pretty well. I'm liking how far I've got it. Gonna start sound and tiles tonight or tomorrow. Right now, I'm finishing off the rest of the core engine. I would show it, but I'm not ready to just yet. Maybe tomorrow when it's a little more interesting. Lol

I haven't decided yet. My two games I have completed were with GM:S 1.4, but I did want to get into PICO-8. 

Definitely did! Keep up the good work.

Well done!

LÖVE Jam community · Created a new topic Noob

This will be my first time using Love and Lua. Gonna use it to try and learn the two together. Any resources I could use to help before the jam?