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I haven't, that's a really good idea! Not sure if I'll be able to do that though I love the idea. Check out this tool online, I really like it:

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Thanks for your input! The Corp not being fleshed out is in fact a feature not a bug. The focus was 100 percent meant to be on the characters "Working for the Corp". Glad to hear you've played it a couple times. Let me know if you play again! That's cool that the Corp's thing the cyberpunks were going to take was a briefcase. In my head it was always some data on a server, but a briefcase is even cooler I think.


I heard some people were feeling pressure from the upcoming deadline. I really want this to be the best collection of resource it can possibly be so I just extended the due date.

We're up to 33 entries and only half way in! Unbelievable! I didn't think anyone would join this to be honest. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm so far.

I hope we can get up to 50 submissions that would be amazing. We're almost half way through the jam. What are you working on? Need help with it?

I would like to see a super easy template, that only uses free software, for making a business card

Is there something you would really like to see/learn about? List it here. Maybe there's someone who already knows about that thing and is willing to create a resource for it

I am so excited about this idea

Any updates?

Sweet thanks, let me know what they say. I'm very anxious as I figured this would be a quicker process and already released the KS update.

I uploaded a list of Kickstarter backers and generated an e-mail to send to all of them with their download key Monday night. I was informed I have to wait for an admin approval before sending it which that's fair thanks for fighting spam itch. I sent an e-mail through the support page and haven't heard back. How long do you typically have to wait to hear a response? I'd love to let my backers have their product as well as open the project up to other people.

See title

Wow I'm so glad to hear it!  I really hope you and your friends enjoy!


Fuck everyone.  I love this shit so much!  FUCK FUCK FUCK

LOL that's awful to hear.  Imagine what it's like every time I look in the mirror

Something that we commonly do in the TTRPG space is offer a "community copy" feature.  Basically, for every purchase of the game we throw in a community copy that can be claimed.  Mainly to allow people going through financial hardships to still have a chance to play your game.  That's what they're referring to.


Please rate the games in the Game Jam and please give them 5 stars.  This helps the algorithms in push our games up higher.  I wish there was a space for a more critical rating and review system, but unfortunately this is not the place for it.  If you buy one of the games, or if you download one of the free ones, please give it a 5 star review.  There's an easy way to do this.  You can click on the Arrow on the top right side, next to your name.  Click My LIbrary.  Click "Things to Rate" and rate all the games you've picked up.  It really helps out the designer.  Unless you really didn't like the game, at that point I would suggest not to rate it, giving them lower than a 5 doesn't help.  Unless the game has hate in it, then report it and give it a 1 star.

For the Tropes Jam I released "Working For The Corp".  At that point it was literally just text in a powerpoint.  As I started to make money on it through sales I hired people to first add additional cards, then do art, then edit, then do layout.  I paid for all that with money I made from the game.  Each time I had a big update I just uploaded the new file to the page.  Totally okay, all the people who have already purchased the game can go back and download the new version if they want to and don't have to pay again.

Hi J,

Yes you can do that!  You'll just upload your project again when you're done.  AND good news!  I extended the deadline by a couple days.  Hope both these things help :)

Thanks for your insight.   Are you submitting a game?

HURRAY!!!  I love getting things from my friends in the mail, it doesn't happen often but I love when I get anything!

I think it's great to provide tools for players that you think could be helpful.  In order to alleviate your concern you could just list that those are optional tools designed to inspire.

Works for me!

I've done a couple, though not nearly enough to be called an expert.  If there's something you're struggling with chime in here. Even if you're not, chime in anyways, I'd love to hear that my jam inspired you to jump in for the first time!

With both games I'm thinking you include your address at the bottom with something like "once it gets to this point mail this back to me" type thing.  I'm still playing with that idea, as that could end up giving your address to a lot of people, I need to work it out but it's going to be SOMETHING like that I think.  That or you create a custom hashtag on Twitter that everyone who has participated can follow, once they get it they post the tally of the votes on Twitter or Instagram (even though I don't use Insta LOL)

please do!

My two ideas:

Purple monkey dishwasher: Art Telephone:  In this game you will basically make a drawing and send it to someone.  That person will take an element out of that piece of art, create their own piece of art, and send it to somebody else!

Vote by mail: In this game you will basically come up with SOMETHING you want people to vote on.  You will then create a table with two sides and send it to one person who will then send it to someone else.  When you receive it you mark your initials on the side of the table you are voting for.

I have similarish ideas I'm going to post below

That's RAD and sounds like a game to me!

If so pitch it here for feedback.   Positive and/or constructive replies only please.