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Hi, just wanted to say, first off: LOVE this game. I really like the amount of forageables you've put in, I've never seen a game in this genre throw so many cool things out into the world to collect right off the bat. Graphics are also super pretty, like holy cow the Map screen is gorgeous.

I would like to make a note that as of right now, it seems like all the quests and buildings require quite a bit of mining, maybe TOO much? Or maybe the cost of building with smelted bars is too high atm? 
Once I saw I needed a LOT of bronze bars for just about every quest, I've started mining like crazy, but I feel like ive been spending all of my time/energy in there just to build one thing. I've upgraded my pick axe but mining one iron node takes out like half my energy bar.

Other than that, seriously, this game is precious and so fun to explore! Keep it up!

I would also like to have this feature available for small projects. Would be EXTREMELY useful.

I really wanna play this but I can only pick up/drop items. When I hold down the key nothing happens...