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Very nice game , I would recommend you to activate compatibility with Goose Desktop, for example , when the keys fall , the duck chases the keys , or the keys bounce on the duck...... . I advise you to activate compatibility with Deskdop Meadow as well. You may launch a new version of Desktop Goose ,Gravity Typist , Desktop meadow . However , the game is done well .

Desktop Goose

Desktop Meadow

Desktop meadowDesktop GooseGravity typyst

A good game (The best game)


Hello, the program is very fluid (just now while I was writing the duck presented a meme and then took my mouse) and the nice thing is that you can customize the settings from the config file, add memes, images, gifs and much more . Then for those who are good you can program a mod for the duck.

It didn't happen to me. I only found that it works from windows 7 and newer. It could be a problem with your computer.

Hello, to make the leaves appear, you will have to follow the instructions in the "autumn" file. For more info, ask the creator of the app.

non funziona

Good simulator of OS!


thank.for report problem,report in the comment.

thank you all.