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David Saltares

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That's a great idea, thanks!

Great game and awesome perspective effect on the ship sections. It'd be good to make turns faster and to let the player move around quicker when there are no enemies around.

Nice art and concept. However, it seems I cannot die, even if the bar empties out and I smash into everything.

Very VERY hard!

Nice retro look!

Best entry I've seen so far! Super Meat Boy with jetpacks and guns... IN SPACE!

Great! Feels like FTL, could do with an "urgency factor" though, like something that pursues you.

Beautiful graphics and quite a lot of mechanics implemented. Reminded me of No Man's Sky, I guess that was the intent! I found it a bit hard to land near the artefact though.

My laptop doesn't have a killer graphics card but it should be fine to run a game like this. Still, I couldn't get past 10 fps :-(.

Great graphics and audio. I like the puzzle mechanics as well, very nice. However, I got stuck between a movable box and a fixed box but I couldn't push the former at all :-S.

Graphics and animations are great but just like Broken Shotgun, I also wished there was a way to move faster. I enjoyed the dialogue too. Try to get the script proofread by a native speaker if you wanna develop the idea further.

Cool stuff!

Developed by:

Hey there! I thought I'd start this thread so #godotjam participants can introduce themselves.

I'm David and I've been looking for an excuse to start using Godot Engine for a while, #godotjam seems like the perfect one. Even though I'm a Godot n00b, I've got some experience in gamedev. I worked in the AAA games industry for a couple of years as well as being a Libgdx and Ashley maintainer.

Don't know what I'm making yet but I do like the implied simplicity of the "2 buttons" theme.

Looking forward to getting started in the Godot community!

Do you have a repo already? I'd like to take a look to learn about the renderer, it looks awesome!

Hi everyone,

I'm teaming up with Alberto for #libGDXJAM and here's our idea:

Abe's Oddysee meets This War of Mine meets Boogerman... in space!

A bunch of dangerously unprepared astronauts land on a strange planet only to find out it's inhabited by big fat angry aliens with guns. The whole crew is taken prisoner except our main character who has to rescue them all and get the hell out of that planet. Problem is he's unarmed and will have to sneak his way through.

Want to follow our progress?

Best of luck to all the jammers!

It's available on Amazon as well :-).

Also, abandon all hope on our quickly hacked together jam game!


I guess you'll be pretty sad if the Black & White theme wins :-).

Hi everyone,

I'm David, member of the Libgdx core team and main maintainer of Ashley, the ECS. Alberto will be joining me in the jam fun. We studied together back in Spain and we also wrote the Libgdx Cookbook.

We'll be using:

  • Ashley
  • Inkscape
  • Some music or sfx generator
  • Might use Kenney's art for prototyping
  • Tiled (if tile based)
  • Spine (if we need animations)
Let's see how it turns out!