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Thanks a lot! We were also really happy with how the visual style turned out.

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Thank you so much! Give your brain some well-deserved rest.. I don't think this is a thing brains were made for...

It is definitely really hard. At the start My colleague and I were scoring around 10 points on average as well. Your brain needs to keep track of two objects at once and the fact that shooting with one character messes up your position on the other is something that it only slowly gets better at.

Our music guy had this crazy unachievable score of 55 which was unbeaten until yesterday, where I got all the way up to 60 :D

Haha well now you're flattering me!

I got to 9 shapes I think, but I will come back to it to reach the 15.

Hey this was great! No need for questionable optimism, I felt the fun you had while making this :)

So I got around to playing your game! This game is awesome! Super hard to master, but oh so simple to understand.

I love the voices, music, silly faces, theme. This is all 5s from me :)

The light didn't rescue me at the end and just left. I don't know why but it felt like a she ^^

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Well that was quite awesome! The soundtrack was quirky yet pleasant without becoming overbearing.

The artstyle and game mechanic felt very VVVVVVy, but that is definitely a good thing.

I see some other reviews found the world too big, but I think it's exactly the right size. I also felt like there was a natural progression as to which area would be discovered first. (I went north, south, west)

This is really clever!

Good god that's great puzzle design! If I may ask, what kind of development cycle do you go through for these sokoban style levels?

Damn that was sad! The ending left me devastated. How could she :(

Ok I actually really liked this! The concept of "Zen" as living free of conflict besides each other despite being "different" is a really nice message :)

Shame that the reset button isn't working, because without it the big level is really really harsh ^^'

If you play full screen it is ok! :)

Very cute! I too am a sucker for happy endings. 

Haha the little surprise at the end was very cute. Killer soundtrack!

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Ah I see! It's just that the exits are invisble in that level. Your explanation that the exits are on the same spots as level 3 helped me :)
EDIT: However, I don't quite see how 12 should be possible :s

Hehe the space mission reminded me a bit of the final SpaceChem fight. Good fun! I loved the intro bit with the captain being exasperated at command.

I managed to get it to work. Hey that was fun! Very simple idea but also very well executed :)

Nice! Thanks a lot :)

Cute! Loved the rocket at the end :)
To make the puzzles really shine, I think it'd be interesting if the blocks wouldn't respawn. That way you'd have to really think in which order they should be joined.

Love the music!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, encouraging players in some way to keep the characters apart would be step 1.

Oh I see, then I didn't quite grasp the meaning of the cable segmentcolor ^^'

Sorry yeah I didn't realize. I will get back to it after the jam then :)

I'll give it my all :)

Thank you :)

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That's a fair critique! I wonder, if we were to continue development, what would make a game like this more interesting? A kind of progression system?

Ok hmm. I'm sad that I won't be able to play it then :(

It looked very cute!

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Ok, so for future players:

(W)ASD: move
W: talk to NPC
spacebar: jump
E: summon
arrows: fly with the summon
0: shoot
1: sometimes select that power/summon

I liked it! I especially liked the foliage and sea texture on the top part of the screen. How did you make that?
Gameplaywise: I can't progress past the breakable stones. Am I missing controls for a groundpound? It would be really useful to have the controls on your gamepage, as even getting to access the in-game tutorial depends on knowing that you need to hold W to talk :)

Very cute! Level 4 and 5 were hardest I think, level 6 was much easier. Have a nice day!

Haha so true ;)

Hm I do I have those installed... I'll retry on linux tomorrow!

Fun! Kinda fiddly controls. Maybe after the jam is over, you could remap the rotation to the full width of the screen? Because now moving just a pixel to the right or left meant a completely different angle.

But yes fun! I did the level 1 and level 8 difficulties. (Scores are vic and hmmmmic. On that note: Cool to include a scoreboard!)

I love that you wrote all this in Python! Starting the game by running the .exe doesn't work. Can I play it by running a specific python file? Maybe Or does pygame need the user to start it via the .exe?

Hey so I'm struggling what to in the first level. I'm pressing space but nothing happens- is there something I can do to fix that?

Cute! It took a while to figure out the mind stop- I didn't immediately grok that you're supposed to hold it down.

Cute idea to link having control to having the other characters in your party. Have you played Bunny must die? The very first item (Gears of the Past) in the game grants the ability to walk to the right. Only having the red buddy at the start reminded me of that :)

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My highscore is 314!!!

So this was superb! So there are a lot of hidden mechanics in the game that, while fun to figure out, would maybe be nice to spell out in the how to or here on itch:

1) When separating a couple, the green dot will jump away in the direction it is pointing while the red dot will stay behind. This means that if you want to go fast you have to plan a path that never goes goes in the direction of a green dot.

2) New couples form if two dots come near each other- so separating a couple on the edge or in a spot that another green dot will jump to often leads to backtracking.

3) Same color couples are allowed, so don't split them up! In fact, that kind of blatant chromophobia is punished with a game-over :)

I will come back to this one soon, very relaxing!

Same to you! I will check out your game as well once I have worked off my queue :) I saw this was your first time using a game engine? Looks great!

Very cute! Once I finally got a tower strong enough to sustain the first wave I would have loved to see how many it would've been able to handle. Fully expected an attack from the air as well ;)

Ok so this was a lot of fun! I kinda loved the dark carnival vibe I got from the theme and the music... But also damn having that for a puzzler game was a bit tough :O
I got to the "annoying crate/box" puzzle and then I had to turn the sound off. On that note- I'm really stuck, seemingly tried everything. Any tips? 

Hey that was a cute experience! Polished the presentation quite bit there, would have loved bit more complexity in the levels though.