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Yes, we noticed ;_;

Really cute!

In our game we also removed enemies from a genre that normally would have tons of 'em, but it's cool to see how it affected both games in different ways!

Thanks! We will tweak a bit with difficulty curve, but from my playtesting it seems that the gold income is already lower than the amount you would need to spend to have optimal outcomes. Would you recommend also making income a bit higher?

Hey! I'm happy our game didn't decide overnight to change his profession to that of being a virus.

The amount you earn corresponds somewhat to how high your favour is with the four characters (the amount of blue hearts). I wonder, how much money did you manage to embezzle while ignoring the general? My personal highscore is 240 gold at wave 11 ;)

Thanks! It is definitely also meant as a serious game so I am happy you got to experience that too! Text scrolling is indeed really slow- in debug mode we had the game run really fast and so we didn't notice the slog of reading trough all the text in time >.<'

Although making it turn-based could definitely make it less frustrating at times, I too think it would cut down on the hilarity of it. Maybe add it only as an option? ;p

Really cool to submit a tabletop RPG. Like, that's just awesome!

I loved it! A lot!

Sometimes a bit frustrating when accidentally giving a wrong stimulus, or the correct one not showing up, but the checkpoint system was forgiving in a really really nice way.

The way how you use the four different "parrot behaviour states" through what it sees is ingenious, and really makes you plan out a screen in advance. On top of that it was very noticeable that you kept those four states in mind so that during more difficult sequences you don't have to change it's behaviour anymore.

Also a big thanks to your girlfriend for helping you out with the idea and therefore making this fun game possible ;)

Pretty fun! But is it really a platformer? I mean, it's more of a puzzle in many ways ;)

That's an ingenious way of solving the self-imposed restriction. Did you get the idea from the trope where an invisible character is revealed by being pelted with paint or flour?

Incredibly short but also incredibly satisfying. I still don't know why that last action felt so satisfying ;o

This game seems really intriguing! I will definitely check it out tomorrow :)

I really enjoyed what you wrote about your thoughts on the design on the game page, it really makes me want to play the game!

This is really interesting! In my opinion, any game that makes use of the layout of the keyboard (or, well numpad) already gets a huge bonus on creativity.

I saw a comment chain further down about the nine button making the screen seem empty, or maybe about difficulties in increasing the amount of possible levels in the game. What about having a few levels that use your entire keyboard? Of course the game would lose a bit of compatibility due to people using different keyboards...

Yes, after the first wave has passed we should maybe introduce a shorter version. Also skippable textanimation would be a must in a future version. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the lengthy reply! All that praise does make a bit shy ;p

Both the punchline of the game and the meat of it's gameplay definitely take some time to become apparent, so I'm very happy you gave it enough time. As to your last comment: we want to see where the game can go after the gamejam, so we'll keep you posted :)

Woo, fancy meeting you here. Should I try it out as well?

These are the cutest sprites. Really looking forward to  playing this later :D

Nice idea and nice execution. The best thing about it is the title though, good job :D

I liked it. After the jam, please do add some kind of animation for the birds- that would be a huge graphical update. Also, at points I was really confused as to which piece was what. The knights look really similar to pawns for example.

Very fun little game! Well executed as well :)

Psssst, don't tell anybody ;p

But yes, that's what we do. We do want to expand a bit on the game in the future, so that's definitely something we should consider.
However, it would also make the fact that you can't see the enemies come in less punishing, which was kind of the point when removing that mechanic.

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Thanks! We were laughing our asses off when coming up with the idea during the concept phase ;p

Yeah, we're especially happy with the mugshot sprites, which a friend made for us :)

Thanks for the praise! Did you manage to embezzle a fine amount of money for your retirement?

Fun! The betrayal perk is the strongest by far though, since it enables uncounterable checkmates xD

Hahaha this is definitely really unique, and then the representation just lifts it to another level. 5 stars!


Beautiful game! The hitboxes and sliding physics are a bit opaque though.

I had the same troubles as Iodachi with 'door' and 'fire'. Regardless, a very fun game! I just played Themengi, and this submission really fits in the same style of game :)

Oh, of course! I managed to beat the game now. It was a really fun ride! If you ever were to expand on the concept I would be glad to play again :) 

It definitely still felt like spending currency...

I really enjoyed the way that the buildings always resemble tetromino pieces! Maybe that property could have been used to forego the currency/resourcesystem entirely?

It definitely was worth it! Great sound and artdesign!

Haha, I had some great fun with this one! I will come back for more :D

Really cool idea! I hope you can expand on it more in the future :)

I'm a simple man: I read "Inspired by zachtronics" and I will give all the stars.

In other news, fantastic idea! I will definitely be coming back soon to complete all puzzles :) 

Really really cute. Especially the drawing with the little monster on it that grows huge :D

That's sadly also the place where I got stuck ;o

If you'd care to continue: the body parts try to teach you what left and right means.  Try 'bang rupuu kythengi' and 'dang rupuu kythengi'.

Nice Sprites! I enjoyed the throwing mechanic, but found it a bit unintuitive to understand how to open the doors to the left of the starting area :o

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Wow, this is even more passive aggressive than the game

Cute little game! A bit wonky collision mechanics though :o