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I love the little taily guy. Does he have a name?

All in all this is a lovely entry into the gamejam with respect to the time alloted (good idea to recycle the block sprite for slopes as well), but I would like to point out a few things for next gamejam that you could improve on :)

1) In level 3, why can't I push blocks over other blocks? It is such a staple in other block pushing games that it really caught me off-guard.

2) Everything feels really floaty: Speed goes from 0 to 100 and gravity is surprisingly low, which makes for some (frustratingly) surprising falling trajectories. To top that off: you can't change your falling trajectory which exacerbates the floaty feeling. Being able to correct trajectory mid-air would be more in line with modern platformers. This way it feels like an oldschool game, which I guess could be seen as a plus if done intentional.

3) The death animation, although (morbidly) cute, felt rally lengthy and I found myself skipping over it everytime with the reset button.

Did you already find out that if you get stuck in a switch wall you float up as if it were an escalator...?

About the puzzles itself, most were quite neat, others a bit on the simple side. I saw in another comment that the tail-holding-down button appears only in the introductory level, but I also used it in the last level, skipping the need for the box, and that move scratched that typical "puzzler"-itch. Thanks!

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Hey man! First of all, thanks for the critique!

Yes, the pushing is a bit stupid. We figured that it would be fine for the last level to have a little bit more (artificial) difficulty, but maybe we went overboard.

I'll have to sligtly disagree with you on the coin level and the car speed:

1) the coin level consist of three loops, so just driving along each one once gets you all coins and returns you to the start by default. Granted, a "return to the starting point" would have been nice, but we did add letters around the start that spell out "collect all and return".

2) I think higher top speeds could have been more frustrating, because it is more difficult to correct small mistakes while driving fast. Maybe this is just a difference in preferences.

Kind regards,


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Sweet! I'm glad you sticked with it long enough that it started to make sense!

So fun fact: we have a special name for the blue car in the tutorial that can move without the constraint that the red car has to deal with. We called it the "broken car", as in overpowered broken ;)

Hahahahaha "Ok no more ones, we're gonna try some new words" Yeah right :D

That Mark soundbite is really damn cute. And then somheow you managed to make it demonic in the game over tune!


That was awesome! Have you seen the other morse game that was submitted for the jam? It's not mine, but super fun and probably worth checking out to see a different take on the theme you took :)

My max seems to be 12.4. It's a mystery to me what strategy you and Samirkazah use to get those outrageous times of 17 and 30 seconds xD

I liked the "eject mechanic" more than I thought I would. It adds another push your luck element to it, and therefore can feel super frustrating but also especially rewarding. How interesting that between this years submission and last years Pavlov's Parrot there is always some element of randomness. Is this something you actively strive for?

Kind regards, DaVici

Yes! That's the highest praise we could get :D

Thank you for the kind review! I definitely get where you're coming from with the minigame thing: If it were to get too long it would definitely run the risk of overstaying its welcome.

The cone pushing level is actually the last one, so you haven't missed out on anything but the credits screen! Which is probably for the best, since any more increases in difficulty would just be mean spirited ;)

Thank you for the extensive post-mortem :)

I think testing the game with a paper mock up is really smart! We always make drawings, but that doesn't do well when the game state changes too drastically too often.

No worries, nobody (including me) expects game jam games to be balanced perfectly, there is just too little time for that.

Cheers! ;)

Yeah, I thought that was so curious! We almost decided to do a 1D theme, which we thought nobody would do, and then it turns out our expectations were complete opposite to reality xD

Haha I kept defeating the last boss trying to figure out what mechanic I was overlooking. Glad I eventually peeked down and read the description ^^'

Very very interesting game! I loved how at first the different numbers seemed only cosmetic, and then suddenly they were required for fighting. The last boss felt a bit easy, since he was essentially a 5 turn kill due to the strong "level-up" skills the player gets, and his attacks weren't that challenging. I bet with a little more time spent into fleshing the enemies out would make this gem shine bright :)

Very very creative. I especially liked what clicking inside the very last room meant for mister nobody-can-fire-the-boss.

You got a triple five game on hand here :)

Really fun! The game concept had been done before, but this was an iteration with superb execution.

Most of the time, when I either had any weapon other than the sword or the armour, I felt like I couldn't really lose the game. What were your considerations on damagenumbers?

Very sweet, very short. I loved the way the torches had a visible countdown on how long they burned. I donated twice. Is there a way to get to do that more often?

I loved the way the dancer's moves were self-targeting AoE spells! Very bard-like. I felt a bit lost in choosing which character to use for attacking, since they all seemed to be doing about the same damage, just with different placement requirements.

Nicely done, staying within the timelimits. You implemented quite a few features and enemytypes :)

The grapple hook in combination with the wooden block creation ability was brilliant. It made intuitive sense, which imo is a really difficult think to achieve.

Very delightful, bitesized levels. Thanks for making this!

Fun game! The last level was very punishing, Needed a lot of retries to finally beat it and got a bit frustrated with the shield knight in particular. ^^' I'm glad I stumbled over your game!

Nice control scheme! I liked the sound effects you used for attacking and on kills, but I think some music would have gone a long way to make the game more memorable. All in all, well done!

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Wow, I was completely blown away by your submission! Coming in I really didn't expect this depth of tactical decision making, congratulations on a 5/5/5 from me :)

How long did you brainstorm to come up with the broad idea, and how long until you figured out the specifics? (Like the attacking pattern of the slimes and movement options for the keepers?)

Very lovely. Must have given quite a headache to design the levels, but due to the excellent tutorial, playing it was a breeze.

Thanks for the kind review!

That does make me feel better!

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Challenging for for the mind both as a theme and as a game.
Loved the reverse coloring on assimilation: No matter how similar we get there is always a "different" to be found that keeps human ego, or the drive for self-preservation, going.

Gameplaywise: I loved that the dash goes through multiple blocks but was blocked by blocks stacking up. Made some very challenging situations :)

Feels so powerful to order hundreds of ship to start fire. I so now get why space emperors tend to be on the evil side. ;)

I have to confess something: I have feelings for Electrodude, the most cutest of the electroduds.

I don't know how you managed it, but you made the cutest game I played this jam without putting a smiley face on anything. Just purely through music, sounddesign and your writing.

At first I focused on getting that voltage win, but it proved too difficult for now so I placated myself with the clearly inferior time win. I'll keep this little gem on my computer so that I may beat it one day.

Same to you! I left a comment for you :)

Only one drink, I promise! You know the drill, [insert complaints that other commentators have made], but all in all, I had a lot of fun :)

Cheers (Only one more drink, I promise!)

Same here!

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That's lovely! And yeah, I was pretty happy that it fit just within the maximum of 40 characters :)

Ah yes that is what we were thinking as well. Thanks for the in depth reply!
I'll go play your game now :)

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Oh why is that? I heard from a lot of devs (and we felt this way as well) that browser based games had a huge advantage in accessibility and therefore getting played.

Edit: Oh huh did you mean the opposite? Because your game is a windows executable.

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Well, it looks great!

Haha no way, you made that in a day? I wouldn't have guessed that :)

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Games are often created as a team of developers. However, only the person that uploads the game and submits it to the jam gets a jazzy "Submitted"-button next to their name, even if the rest of the team is made contributor on the admin page. I do think that the button is essential when I post a comment on their game, for them to know that I too have participated. I circumvented the problem by adding the link to the game as my display name but well, it is not ideal ^^'

It seems like a small change that would make getting ratings easier, but of course I don't know the actual back-end implications of such a change.
With kind regards,

Jelly is surprisingly devious. Some real brain teasers in there. Brain teasy enough that I had to figure most of them out all over again on a replay (!).

I'm excited for any future additions on One Action Heroes. Be well!

Such a crazy idea! Really cool- I loved the feeling of having no clue at all. I must say, I'm happy this is not real live ;O

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I loved it! It's a 5 star game.

Have you played Snakebird and/or Jelly no Puzzle? Although both are very different from this game mechanics-wise, your game has a lot in common with them in terms of charm and surprising difficulty. If you were to expand on the game it would be really cool to see what kind of brain-breaking puzzles are possible with our dear Prince Horizontival and Duke Vert (since for designing the real devilish kind of puzzles 48 hours just isn't enough).