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not bad some decent ideas , the writing felt really rigid , characters speed  needed to be a bit faster , having space pause the game is a input that does not translate well  for players , enemies needed some more life to them ,  its decent but the writing was the 1 thing that i could not really get into at all  just some constructive feedback 

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funny this is what you put out when telling people to try harder judging a project that was made in 4 days  ..... lol look in yo own back yard buddy haha

trippy game was a little hard to control with the keyboard was dying pretty quick hah

this was pretty slick, similar approaches to how i work on 1st person projects , well executed with the glitches and the appearing , good job looking forward to future projects

the train section reminds me of the game i am working on ahah great job

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your remake game from steam  is already on pirate sites by the way thought i would tell ya

broke the game in the first 10 seconds trying to fix the sensitivity lol

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i think it is because  the splitscreen is supposed to be the enemy which may have been the reason nothing happened while you were playing lol

just some constructive feedback you need to work on how you put walls together and floors so the lines that separate them are not visible it is quite simple to do , good effort just not a fan of the insta kill enemies in games

amazing job , love the atmosphere , textures are on point , you expand on this and you will have 1 of the best horror games of the year

game crashed in the first 10 seconds lol

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you should at least put the links of the games you play in the description of your videos / mention the developers   / if you are making content to get viewers and subscribers that is the least you can do for playing some ones games kind of a 1 sided relationship lol

should set up a better control scheme took away from the experience how the controls were set up

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no point downloading this there is nothing in there you did not even put any colliders on the 1 house 

awsome job guys i love 4th wall breaking games