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those enemy animation mutations are sick as hell hah love the body horror style ,that you just do not see much of in games great job , seems to have a bit of optimization issues , a tad slow on the controls  / seemed strange to have x or enter as the shoot button  but overall love the concept for a jam game it is quite slick i would continue on this maybe add a option for control remapping

great jam game , actually laughed at the end of the level with the my lady voice acting hah  the slicing into the start menu was a nice touch , controls were a tad touchy but overall great job with the art style and gameplay loop/music/sfx

those wolves are fiesty , love the animations / death animations , be cool if there was a creature that burrowed under ground and popped up at the player almost like the  creature in the movie tremors hah or a boomerang as a second weapon keep at it loving it so far

love the art style for the games you make 

great game can tell was inspired by some nuclear throne  , loved throwing around the light sabers  , i was not a fan of the music but that is just personal preference , all in all a really good experience with tight controls , good combat feedback and really like the end level states where the bird would pick you when you have the giant egg

great game , loved the visuals of the environment / enemies  , good character control with simple but clean / interesting  health u.i  , great job for 2 weeks or so only thing it is missing is  a   E  letter for when player is over the exits to tell the player how to leave the area overall great experience i would continue with this project if i was you , add a minimap / different bullet types got something great going here 

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i am a broke boy  but these are top notch  fx ahah pretty slick that even the previews have the overdisk style border around it  keep slaying it overboy

this is a place for games not weird roleplay for kids on here to stumble upon like tumblr fan fiction 

while you say this you are roleplaying on another persons game comment section lmao hahaa moaning and stuff ? creepy as hell

this game is great for some high schoolers , had some great art design elements and liked how the shotgun felt wished you guys ended up finishing it would of been great as a full game in the roguelike genre

hooked on this game just wish the instrumentals were a little less repetitive 

loving the art direction keep slaying it 

great job as always, liked the art style for this one /tutorial in the menu was a good way to give the player information keep slaying it frozen well  check out my little horror game if ya have 10 minutes spare shes a weird one hah

finally got it working dang windows defender does not like that clickteam fusion app hah i like the visual design and sound design reminds me of my style , this 1 i could not figure out. the platform controls were pretty touchy with the intended mechanics , i did like the box stacking mechanic but i could not figure out if i had to stack the boxes and jump up or bring them to the area on the right,  the spot on the right was a bit off screen which made it hard to understand what the intentions for that was 

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 i did not stream it must be thinking of some one else but it was my favorite from the jam hah

for this  game to come 33rd in the unexpected  jam , the jam  was rigged straight up lol

should add some more creature variety right now it is good but it can become something great with some more variety, love what you have going but can get stale after a bit  loses its sense of wonder pretty quick

alright your games getting up there in the horror section of itch seen it on the main page few minutes ago ahah

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on the brightside i liked your game so much it inspired my new games main character hah  you should check out my jam game when you get the chance   it is 4-9 minutes long  we had some similar vibes going on really loved the atmosphere ,  me or you have the weirdest game in the jam in my opinion lol

this got me a few times hah it really had the creep factor  really loved the screen effect around the edges  and the main menu visuals great job not sure how to progress or if  you are just supposed to not get caught with the 3 options i never played a game like this , i could not figure out how to beat it but was a great experience 

i dunno if it was just my computer but i had a extremely hard time moving around and getting the camera to work properly  in version 1.0 it was not lagging but my house would flip upside down and struggle to get back upright while the camera would stop moving  within the first minute i know you made something great from watching the streams but the controls are not working properly for me 

not sure what is up with the downloadable version both my browsers listed it as unsafe with a virus and that never happened on any game before a little sketchy ill stick to the browser version might have to check it out could be dangerous to download

this game was really interesting  , the camera movement was spot on ,music fit the game perfectly gave it a nice chill atmosphere keep slaying it 

this games sick for only being made in 3 hours currently making a ship game after i finished the unexpected jam love these types of games keep slaying it frozen well

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great job on your first completed project it had some good game juice in it  , my highscore was 22 i was unsure if you could move the hearts seperately, when you push at a wall the hearts would clump together , it seemed like the particles for the explosions material was not set so it would come up as default purple just thought i would mention that all in all i enjoyed it but the voice when you die was pretty loud on the ears keep it up i know you will make some excellent games as you progress forward

yeah i hear ya i already got another prototype going ahha just gotta keep slayin projects

great job on the game i was not able to finish it though i reached a area where  i could not get enough height from my jump to cling to a wall properly and jump on to the next area always fell a little short , the platforming felt tight just wished there was a bit more jump force for the player when jumping off a clinging wall keep slaying it little bit more polish and this will be great got some thomas was alone vibes  

now shes good to go just needed that little u.i change