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I like walking very much <3

The concept is really cool. I enjoyed the boss the most, I'd love more combat like that! The actual platforming was a bit annoying at times. I think this would work great if the levels where constructed a bit more sonic-esque, so it doesn't break your flow as much. Definetly excited for what this will turn into!

Heartbreaking. I cried at the End. Social Commentary beyond anything I've ever seen. Also: Bow 3D Peasants.

Thank you for the feedback! If I work on it again I'll definetly add a radar, it even gets annoying for me to find enemies. The original concept for the progression was that slowly stronger and stronger enemies appear with better and better parts, so you can take them and get stronger too, but right now the enemies only have 1 set of parts so that kinda ruins it. Credits floating in Space sounds like a good idea too.

Really? I use winrar and that usually works great.  I just uploaded a zip version try that one! Should be named "SpareParts_v1.0 (Windows) [ZIP FILE]" so quite obvious. Tell me if it works. Hope it's worth the effort though, it doesn't have much content and is kinda difficult to understand since it's a very rushed Jam Game.

Can't wait to experience those "real world emotions". Hype!