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trying the game today, and the navigation is okay now. I dont know why i was having problems last night.

If it helps you out, it was while I was running through the tutorial, So the EXM's were definitely installed.  It showed no types of tracking on the hand displays or the arm displays. 

I don't know if I had submitted a comment, but this game is awesome! I have played this a long time ago, (Back then it was the first version..) and I see it came a long way!

I have one thing, though. I am using Index controllers and the navigation doesn't seem to appear. Don't know if it's something that is known. If not, then I can give you logs and other things to help with finding this bug.

Yay! I'm so excited!

yeah the index is not working and kinda making me sad. :(

Yeah, I cant walk or use webs with the index controller.

Awesome! thanks!

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This is amazing! I totally reccomend keep this idea and work with it!

I keep on getting the error and I dont know how to fix it. 

Can we please have away to change the sound of the checkpoint whatever it is?

I have a horrible headache and I only played for 8 minutes.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.