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We've worked on several things this week:

- Added sprites to our objects

- Fixed pathfinding somewhat

- Worked on the grandma's states

- Learned about making sound effects

- Learned more about creating pixel art

- Added an animation for the player

This is our first game jam, so it's very exciting to see what we've worked on take shape. It's starting to resemble a game now. :D

Day 3
Team members worked on pixel art for game.

Working on AI for Grandma object.

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Day 2

Worked on making objects interactable with the player. Accomplished this through inheritance.



All game objects have a variable inherited from the parent called interactable. The default value for this variable is false. For game objects like the TvCable the value will be set to true, meaning the player can interact with the object in some way. The goal of the player in the game is to use this interaction as a way to sneak past the human in a level and take the item shown to the player.

In the following example the player turns on off the tv in order to sneak past the Grandma to get a ball of yarn.

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Game Maker Studio


You are a cat on a mission, to furnish your home with goods from a family near your home. The game will span 5 levels. The goal of the player is to sneak past humans in order to steal a specific item to furnish your cat home. Each level the player will return home with the stolen item.


Worked on movement for player and input. Setup collisions for objects and team began working on a design for a level.