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Thank you so much for your response and I'm glad you enjoyed the prototype. I'm still trying to figure everything out in terms of programming while not getting overwhelmed editing. Your feedback is really helpful thanks! <3

Yeah. That's the good thing about this jam it doesn't have to be finished. I'm thinking of just doing the game Episodically. There's so much to go through to get it done now.

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Thank you.

I think the hardest part of a game jam can be figuring out how much you can do in a certain amount of time, and whether the quality would be where you want it

Well the adventure is divided into four acts with two different routes based on whether the player chooses to go a more mystical route or go more political. So far I'm a quarter of the way through finalizing Act one, with Acts three and two drafted with code. I feel like this jam would do better with a dating sim version of the adventure. It's all text(Twine) and the dating sim is wrapped up in the adventure, so it is partially written.

I'm now debating no longer doing a text adventure, but just making a dating sim? Would people be into one or the other I find myself asking, but it all depends on time.

Is anyone else stuck between an idea?

Yeah I agree with a lot of what you say. I like doing sketches because they're very...homey to me. I may include a few cute character drawings, but I have planned to use them sparingly. Text is a very hard medium for interaction sometimes, but if you're ready to simplify and learn code it can be ok

So I had an idea. Since I am a one woman team I've been feeling a bit stifled because I have no one to bounce ideas off of, and I figured it may be a good idea to have a space where we can take basic ideas of format things and get some feedback. This is that space...a moon bounce of ideas.

For instance I am doing a twine style text adventure. but I'm struggling to include hand drawn images or photography I've done and I'd love to hear feelings about this?

it's up to you, but I found them neat

I've only played for a good few minutes. It feels very fluid overall. Minor notes would be that I wasn't aware the purple platforms were movable, which I really like but you may need to telegraph that. Also the second purple block, is it supposed to make a double jump, just push you up, or both?

I'm making an interactive fiction and may need two different pieces, but I think someone else with a more traditional project would benefit more from your skills, so I feel bad even asking.

<3 everyone is just moving along!

Instead I'm still open to writing for other people.

But I'm working on a short little Choose Your Own Adventure and Romance game about a Princess, a queer fem knight (who for some reason looks like agent Peggy Carter from Captain America), and a kingdom full of sugar sweets. I'm so excited.

Well I completely tossed out my original plan and started a new one a few days ago.

I guess that's major (so am not panicking x.x)

I completely changed the game I'm working on for something a bit lighter for one person to handle. My previous idea was just too much. I just wish I had an artist lol. I'm using my mother's desktop and her computer runs on windows XP, is super slow, and can barely run Chrome and Word at the same time.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

That's great. I know what you mean by lollygaggging lol. It's so hard to sit down and work sometimes. Currently I'm worried as a one soldier outfit my plans out pace my ability. But I'm sure we'll all get things done fabulously!

I'm a curious ferret?

So How many of us are there and how is it going?

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Hello, I'm Darlarosa and I'm a writer and very beginner program(CSS, but I am a fast learner) who has primarily been focused on developing games via Twine in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure stories for the last several months. Thus far I have put out one experimental project, while working on some larger more polished stories, but I would like to find a team of lovely people to maybe make a team. And if you're wondering I'm a black bisexual woman, currently doing freelance data entry and writing. I think it could be really fun to work with a team. I have one idea already and am open to working on others.

About my idea?

I would love to incorporate a mixture of lolita, punk, and rave aesthetic. I know it sounds random, but I thin candy and sugar embody lolita and I think it'd be neat to toy with not just actual candy, but sugary sweetness in different ways.

Well I recently have come up with a character for my more erotic writing named Cherise, but she isn't a character I want to keep in a purely erotic context because while she is sexual that doesn't mean she's not a well rounded gal!

Cherise is a bisexual lolita succubus in a world where humans and demons usually keep their distance. However, Cherise's casual girlfriend is performing at a Burning Man like festival and has invited Cherise's human boyfriend and bestie to tag along, leading to a road trip across unfriendly human territory with no access to the demonic magic that keeps Cherise calm and healthy.Her only solace is "rock sugar", a demonic candy that keeps her going, but that plenty of humans love for it's psychedelic properties. Between her beaus being not fully sure how they feel about each other, a dozen humans wanting demons to stay away from their town, and human friends who are a bit too interested in her candy Cherise is in for a wild ride and she just might have enough petticoats to get through it.

So I'm holding that idea off since I haven't found a group because it's too big and I'd want to do it in RPG maker.