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lol that maze part must have been annoying as it can be haha I am so happy to see someone play my game thank you so much for playing

Thank you so much for commenting
I am Glad you liked it :)

Its kind of like a platform But you have a special arms. Where you can Jump and climp, Which will give you more movement

Its hard but once you master the controls. Its Fun

Currently it only have 3 levels. But I am planning on a full game.

The link to the game :

Thank you

WOwowoowowo an piece of art. Everything is awesome, the sound, the music, the idea, mainly the art.But.....whats more awesome is the gameplay.Its the best i would say.

A true masterpiece :)

Thank you for the feedback. And yeah I planned to make something unique in the first part But I didn't get the time to do it. 

Also the art is laughable lol because I made the art XD.I was just experimenting with different art styles.Thank you again for the feedback ^-^

its pretty nice i would say . Its confusing, Since i dont play rhythm games. Good work

Its pretty good idea lol. I found my friend in the first try XD .Overall a nice fun game. Good job^-^

it was pretty fun!!. i like the idea. but it is a bit tough. I mean the first level was easy but the 2nd level got very hard. I didnt know that you can go under the bad heart at the last of the level 2 Lol I dies sooo many times. But overall its a Fun game. Good work ^-^. Also i like art style and the music too

Its nice. The concept is simple and fun. I like the music and the art style too.Its tiny bit confusing thats all. Overall, A nice game

woahh its nice, The controls are confusing at first and also an interesting concept. Awesome Work

wowowow nice game, really nice game its engaging, i like the animations , and the weaponssss, i struggled with the controls at first but once i got it its smooth, 

btw my high score is 40 ;)

ohhhh thank you ^-^

its a nice game, I like the art style so much

Its Goood..Nice concept

i am glad that you liked the mechanic =D .Thank you for playing^-^

woah that was petty good ^_^

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Can we submit a game that is not finshed???(Only the very basic prototype)

[In case,WE ran out of time] 

Thank you for commenting<3

i hope you enjoyed:)

Thanks for playing,

That Question with same answer, the answer is the one which does not have the period. Actually my idea was that the one with fullstop indicate dead,you know fullStop(end??);)(its a weird answer ,the question is also weird ,the game is weird,I am weird LOL)

Also the you have to get all the answers right inorder to Win,so its pretty difficult.

Thanks for playing, i hope you enjoyed :)

Also,you have to score full marks(10 out of 10) inorder to win.In short , its pretty difficult to win. ;)

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its a good one 

it has a entertaining story

I was engaged all along the game

good one.

and of course the style was unique

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are you new to game JAMs???.IF yes i am in because i am new tooo 

new + new = boommmmmmm

wow an innovative game 

i am also one of your subscriber,a regular viwer