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I managed to solve the problem, it seems that the strokes were in pixel 1, when exporting with very high resolutions it ends up being almost invisible, sorry for taking up your time.

About exporting in batch mode, is it normal for it to take time and sometimes even to crash the program giving a high use of ram memory?

Note: I have an Octa Core and 16GB RAM

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Do you currently use a correct global version of lights ?, you can make selections with the script, example:

A Lights: the script understands that it is receiving a request from the A light vectors
B Lights: the script understands that it is receiving a request other than the standard A, and sends vectors B, but as you said it would take a long time to make these lights, since each part has its own lights, right?

I hope that in the future you will be able to make this change possible.

OBS: when exporting svg to adobe ai, it ends up not exporting the strokes of the edges of the characters or objects

You can add it as vector variations, just like you do with hair, eyes, mouth, clothes etc ..., 

Hi, I have a suggestion that can make the generated drawings much more dynamic, by adding the option to define the backlight, you allow the user to define the blur in the contours of the lights, thus having the option of making the lights thicker or thinner.