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Stage details: state "Time between enemy income:" should be "Time between incoming enemies:"

Using google chrome browser, im finding a few issues...

1) auto repear system should be Auto  repair system

2) i bought level 1 auto repair system 3 times and every time i reload game from a reboot or something it resets to level 0  forcing me to spend another 5k for it.

3) what is the point of spending 200 diamonds for 10k cash in upgrades when you can spend 200 diamonds in ships to restore all cash you have spent? seems silly.

4) Executioner description says " if you change target" implying you have a choice which as far as i can tell you dont, ships attack what ever they want when they want. so should it not say " if the ship changes enemy focus" or something?


1) I would like to see a more smoother transition from zooming in and out...

2) i would like to be able to set ship commands to determine some function of what they wioll do during a fight.

For example: 

Falcon commands: focus on mother ships not small vessels, 

Viper to heal ships at the front line only. 

Rampart: retreat to back of field when <50% or something like this.

3) being able to focus your fleet on a particular target would be cool too of course. as theirs nothing worse than having 50 enemies all at 3% health and ships then start attacking new wave which is at 100%