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Fun arcade retro feel, fun. High score table didn't work for me.

This has a lot of potential, so it would be good to see a more finished version. (If my ship had a health bar that would be nice.) Note on my laptop the screen is only 768 high, so the stack is a little too tall to properly fit.

This is totally silly in a good way, and I like the visual style.

Said Yes when asked "Will I be famous one day?", Cool.

This is very good, Maybe too hard at the beginning though.

Thought it would be nice if the game could remember my name so I didn't have to enter it each time.

I liked this game, but those moles were so fast. Maybe my hand is too slow but at times it bordered on frustrating.

Don't know Dragonball Z, so had to guess. For those who do know it, more questions are needed. Love the Graphics.

Reminded me of The World's Hardest Game. When hit, wished I would bounce back to the start faster so I wouldn't to wait as long to try again.

Reminded me of The Worlds Hardest Game. Wondered if In the first level 2 of the enemies were meant to be stationary?

Interesting idea with cute graphics. Took a couple of play throughs to get the hang of it.

Found this strangely compelling. Thought the WRONG message was brutal, but as educational game it did teach me something which was good.