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Seeing the plants would be great as my studio game graphics can he updated.

Glade to see your active with comments and take in suggestions.

Hopefully zoom makes it in to next update.

Hopefully Alien Accessoires will come soon done the line along with zoom and move.

Apologies a head of time my spelling sucks i have multiple learning disabilities.

Well first of Zoom as this would be very helpful when making big objects like houses or church or something else.

Group object together so you can make them round the screen.

Also able to copy selected group might be usefull of your making something that use the same object a lot.

Background a while ago you promised me on twitter that you would speed up/mark backgrounds as high priority as 0.51 has bug with exporting backgrounds.

Alien acceroires. Santa Hat,Ray Gun,Badge like in Kenny studio 0.51. I think you probably get what i mean.

Screen resizing or option for full screen.

Tablet/Surface pro support with out keyboard. This might be hard but you like a challenge Kenny.

Also place for I'd to submit stuff for assist of the week you do on twitter as made some really nice building that I would like to share with people.

Kenny Rocks 🤓🤓