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that a nice cute game it took awhile to figure out how to play but after that it was pretty fun, nice work

I really like the low poly models and the animation of this game, I  like this game nice job.

the window version is crashing i woud play it but i can't

the end are so's a nice game well done 

nice game

I really like the art style and atmosphere of this game, also the music and sound effects are amazing.

nice work

i really like the art style and atmosphere of this game, also the music and sound effects are amazing.

nice work

Thank you

Thank you for the feedback

nice game i love the art style and the story i had great time playing this game 

i like this game have nice Aesthetics and it is was so tense, well done

It's a good game that puts my laptop in trouble, but even with a PC that burns I was able to finish it, and I can say it was an awesome game. And I love it.

Thanks for playing it and finding the morse code I was hoping someone will figure it out, 

and you have right, making the background static is better thank you for your feedback

the controls are are great in weird way i love them, and i like the Aesthetics of the game

i like the game looking and the story are nice , well done

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I was playing Celeste during the jam, so any game seemed so easy. I will remember in the future to make a difficulty menu

nice art style, it remind me Hyper light drifter.

 and i have found a bug if u go to a wall u can multi jump

i like how it look. nice game

I like the way the controls are done.

great story with nice voice acting. well done

i really like how it looks and the controls are so good, well done

i love the way it goes from horror to humor, this has become one of my favorite FMV games

Thank you

Thank you for your feedback and in the third chasing you need to use you'r FlashLight. 

thank you for informing me, i will see what i can do.

thank you

Thank you, for your review. It's very helpful. :)

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Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked it, jumping over monster was a bug but after play testing i like it and decide to leave it for the smart players level 900 Qi