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I didn't got time to review, so it ended up like that. But if there's something that you noticed, tell me, please! I'll fix it. And thank you. I don't have a lot of experience with stealth games so knowing that I was able to make something slightly alternative is good.

I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you c:

Nice game, buddy. It's pretty awesome how much you made with so little time. I had a hard time trying to figure out how portals work (manly cause I was trying to enter on then), so I think that man could have said ppl can't enter. After all, everyone that played Portal and Portal 2 before will try it.
And I think that the sound of the box when it's falling in loop on the portals, is pretty annoying. But I think that in general, the game is cool, beautiful and kinda addictive.

I'm really happy reading this! We're planning to continue the game, so if you're interested, pls stay tuned!

Thank you a lot for your feedback! I was think is bad do what everyone else are doing, so I'm happy that u think that. We probably will continue the game, putting progression and a story, (and the RPG part) so comments like this are really important. (And if u don't mind, rate our game, pls)

try it, fella

Probably your browser is blocking pop up. It opens a google drive llink where the game is

I think it's solved now. Check it out! c: