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First of all your game has a very great gamefeel (the meat feels "meaty ", the graphics are very clean and the clones are easily distinguishable).
Your game has a nice learning curve its not too difficult to get into and gradually builds up like it should. Ofcause the 'difficulty ceiling' is very low because its a jam game made in 48hrs and theirfor doesn't have as much content as other puzzle games, but that doesnt hurt the experience.
The soundtrack is a little boring but blended in with the overall feel and theme when I didn't actively pay attention. 
I have noticed some minor bugs like being able to role the meat back up a block when it didn't fall long enough or a door pushing the meat upwards when closed while moving onto it but nothing gamebreaking. You could consider waiting untill the meat has fallen / the door is closed before you let the player make an input again or make the fall/closing faster so the player doesn't have the time to move again.
All in all a solid entry!


the graphics are amazing! TOP gameplay 10/10

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10/10 best game ever

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Thanks for the review! The movement is a good point, at first I noticed it too  but  got used to it quickly because I tested a lot so I didnt think about it. Probably should've asked someone else to test or take a break and test it later again.

ive spotted a bug.. when playing with more than one screen you can drag planets out of your viewport... they do however still collide so its just harder for players if they drag planets out of their views

very nice game! The sound isnt even as bad as you said it is and I even kinda like it! I really love the concept had something similar in mind but didnt have time to do it, great to see that someone else did it! if youd invest some more time into it and add some Anno like features, e.g AI that competes with you, more diverse ressources etc... you could release it as a small idie title