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Darkening Demise

A member registered May 16, 2016

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-First person view under portrait options (when you click on them and see options)

-Ability to click an option for instant orgasm for selected character under portrait

-Ability to control 'sensitivity' for characters so they can reach orgasm differently

-New rooms are really going to need to happen, even if just a basic room to help give variation

-Better interactive controls as they feel weird as they twist and change speed drastically when moving the mouse, look at Sexvilla by Thrixxx for an example of a simple to use and enjoyable interactive control scheme.

-Creampies/orgasm on body poses (if limited by tech do simple texture overlay placement onto the characters based on the pose such as facial, booty, lower torso, etc.) While having a small orgasm effect appear to be 'shooting out' of the penis (look at Sexvilla or 3DXChat).

-When selecting a voice in the editor have it play or the ability to 'preview' the voices.

-More 'masculine' hairs are needed for male characters in the editor.

-I noticed the pubic hairs in the editor are under the penis model so you see the penis skin and then the hair texture behind it giving it a weird look.

Other than that looking good, enjoying it, can't wait to see the future of FLSM. <3

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OK so I buy the extra goodies and I'll get the RPG stuff when that comes out too and all future poses, characters, and other features like the character editor? I'll be paying $25 later for everything then. I was dissapointed in the direction you were originally taking with FLSM but I see its working out better than the original model like you have with Sex Sim. Was just afraid it would've costed a lot this way. :3

How will the other mode work exactly? Point and click? Visual Novel? 3D person level based design or Open world?

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So if I buy this, I'm getting access to future updates as well or just buying the current version and having to pay again for the next one?