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Alright thank you for your help off I go!

Thank you for that, can I use those freely as well or are there licenses associated with them?

This just makes me more excited to use it, I bought the deluxe version to give myself the most blocks with the least amount of friction/limitation.

It's okay the limitation can be an art style, thank you for confirming.

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My intent is to create characters I will rig later on. Most youtube videos only focus on objects not people.

Thank you for that, I really appreciate it, doing some animation right now and this is exactly what I needed, I love the pixellation during movement. It's the only software I could find that has bone animation for pixel art. I'm going to be heavily using this feature!

I find myself having to import tons of images to then reorder them in the software and I find this to be a time waster especially when I plan to import many images. The idea would be to import a psd file and it will automatically have all the images listed in order and have each layer automatically placed exactly how I placed it in Photoshop. Adding this will be an immense boost of productivity to the workflow. Thank you for all that you have done and Merry Christmas!!