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I thought I recognised some from the other pack...

A new pack at last! And it has your beautiful trademark style! Some of your choices are absolutely gorgeous such as the ribbon glyphs in the -celerate spells!

Can I ask why you keep all your textures in a master file instead of using separate ones? For sme of them it is pretty obvious, as they update in sequence.

Aww it's the Royalty Bit, thank you!

Oh my word it's the Horny General!

I'd love for this to get a facelift like you did for the others!

I understand, i wish this had been made clearer like a year ago when the 24px pack came out.

I'm glad that this came out, but I thought that it would be granted to those who purchased the 24px pack?

I believe that, but it seems that most things you touch are gold, I'm still hoping for particles effect packs

This is absolutely delightful, and I would love to see much more in this style.


Why thank you this makes ultimate weapons much easier

How does this work with visustella plugins?

Oh nice!

Oh, a complete font, is it not delightful?

Ah well a white outline isn't complicated to add, I think I can manage :)

Are the white outline icons seen in the banner just present in the banner, not also in the files?

oh thanks!

That's great for you, despite my appetite for pretty new icons

It IS taking quite a bit...

Wish, however, seems a bit subtle- I'm not sure how to use it?

yes that was me before realising you have a youtube channel. And yes, I appreciate that they are high maintenance, but they are doable, I am sure, for what my 2 cents are worth!

There, I said it. 

OMG a lamp, well, lamp! this is delightful and I love it.

This is delightful. Dare I ask if the Ulitharid (6 tentacle) variant is coming?

Very high quality pics!

Topic. I really like your animation style.

Beside Winter Forest, which other of your assets you think match well with this one, with some colour-help of course?

Very useful!

More slicing yes?

oooh that's another big sheet.

It's good that you kept the previous old version in case we want to swap the palettes.

omg yes please, more of this cut and slice

Well, isn't this gorgeous!

ohh thank you now it's clear.

oh what's this?

could I get a complimentary copy for providing research and materials? :bigeyes:

Sample would be easiest and best

ahaha well I'm glad that I helped you troubleshoot stuff that you'd have not found otherwise.

Ah, that's new. I don't have a manager so in my experience they're just ignored.

Here is a converted audio file:

Here is all the research I did on the topic.

How can I attach files here?