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I really did like the original one too :)

Looks significantly more lethal

Oh yes, it does look much better now

I'm really glad!

Is your patreon going to be opened again?

Oh so nice to see more activity from you!

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Congratulations for your Steam release! Are your other products - expansions going there too, especially the ones for this generator?

Well I'm glad that I've not gone completely insane haha thank you! I swear, I blamed not having coffee on not being able to see the animations haha.

Could you please explain how are lily pads or cat tails animated?

Are there parts for elves-dwarves?

When will we see this in a bundle with the airship?

So, is the 4th muddy cave supposed to be a lava cave?

Great. Dare I hope new, improved versions of some of your existing tilesets will come?

So, could you please explain if Time Elements is also going to get its tilesets?

Ah so it's not backwards compatible, ie, you can't put Bakin anims into MZ

Well I will keel hoping as I can't afford two libraries and I have already invested in the Steam ones!

Long shot: does this program convert to the Chrono Trigger - Trials of Mana style?

How come most of the tilesets here aren't on Steam?

Are these supposed to be part of the Patreon premium pack?

I love this, is it getting an update?

all right thanks!

Suggestions for new animations, would these be possible?

After all, it's just a white-red tree, would work for a specific tree in a fantastic forest!

Maybe you'd consider a variation based on the GoT Weirwood Tree?

Wonderful. As much as I love medieval environments, the future needs some love in Mana seed style too.

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It's the same program, I just always wrote it as TileD with the capital D to distinguish it from the word "tiled".

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Would it be possible to include a TileD map sample in every product of yours?

I'd love to see more steampunk/cyberpunk in your style!

absolutely, thank you.

So, I'm tinkering a bit with this, but for the life of me I'm not understanding how the water foam is meant to work, in terms of animation and whether we are supposed to mirror it ourselves to get a result like in the image. Is it possible I'm getting my spacing wrong, too, as the foam doesn't align with the waterfall like in the picture.

I bought, but honestly, I feel extremely underwhelmed as all this does is resize pictures to smaller size, rather than pixelating them. I could do that with ANY image manager.

Thank you very much!

When is the RPG MAker MZ effseeker version coming?

I love this tool. When is the next update coming?

Well, with the december update, what's gonna happen?

When are you going to release this for MZ as well?

yes that or Chrono Trigger 

awww I'm not sure I understand, 😕  can you explain more?

Any luck? Hehee