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ok thanks for the info

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Hi, i will try out the tool by tomorrow and i wanted to make sure that this is made for that kind of stuff.

i am trying to have a online matchmaking system where you can create a game for puplic, look for a random game in puplic to connect and create a invite only game with invite to share and join.

i want to have one host and one client for a 1v1 game.

i wanna know, is that possible and if yes, how?

edit: im asking because i know almoat nothing about that.

the game is interesting

the game is cool with the idea sounds music and fraphics, but waaaayyyy t omany bugs and glitches for me to enjoy it.

the settings cannot be closed, after setting the commands once your stuck with them, even when its impossible to beat the level with that.

i think everything exept the playability is really good.

the game is interesting, the levels are kind of boring in terms of art because they all look almost the same.

the puzzles are very creative and i think you made some decent sound design

thanks for the compliment.

we managed the tasks and time very well and if we didnt know the answer to a problem or so we just solved it later when we had the time to do so.

thanks for the feedback, we expected to get a comment like this.

we made the difficulty fit so everyone is able to win the game.

Im happy, you had fun playing it. (:

Thank you so much for the feedback.

Im glad you had fun playing it.

The game is really fun, and the idea is well made.

thanks for playing our game and giving us feedback about it. (:

did you manage to finish the download?

Great game, the graphics are nice, the music's catchy.

and its fun to play!

thanks (:

yes, i just forgot to add it to the controls.

for p1 its F

and for p2 its 0

NOTE: the game has gotten visual improofment updates and looks a little differend from the gifs and stuf

i can only say, you will find out in 1h and 56minutes!

i did that because 

1. i wanted to hide misstakes and scaling 

2. i think its fitting the theme and style

and just cuz i like pixelation lol

thx for the feedback and playing the game, i will see if i can add a kind of on off switch for that in future updates

more updates soon


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i dont think thats gonna happen


idk maybe he had problems with exporting a linux build

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Great Game!

i really liked playing it and i tryed my best at every song got platin at every song.

i like the idea, quite funny.

and i somehow managed to play that on my phone.

one finger is mustard two are ketchup and mustart

you cant do ketchup alone on mobile ): even tho its ment to be played on pc i think you could do mobile support with ease since unity just allows to export it and you only have to make a ketchup button tbh.

(it takes two buttons that react to a click with the mouse curser whish works exactly like a touch on your phone)

edit:just found out its a game jam game lol

still would be cool if you add mobile support


tell me


i recommend adding w a s d , its litteraly the most used way of movement in pc games rn as far as i know

uhhh... if you want them in a own game just import them into the game engine

if you want them in fnf you need too open the files find the arrows and open them in or other... then open the arrows you downloaded with the same programm and edit them by cutting/copy and paste onto the fnf file

if else watch a tutorial

im sorry but i dont understand...

rename what?

thanks (:



It works ... just a bit laggy while playing

and you cant see the UI.

but all in all, playable

If you acctualy played it on a phone... you can sharethe experience here.